The Moon shifts into Sagittarius at 8:55am EST this morning, and then tonight at 6pm EST, Mercury ends its retrograde in Gemini. Scorpio, these cosmic vibes activate parts of your psyche that have to do with financial security and psychological awareness. You may be getting to the bottom of any repetitive patterns you’ve had when it comes to financial management and the investment of your resources. Mercury’s retrograde through your sector of depth and intimacy taught you that you don’t have to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, but rather allow yourself to be much more selective about where you place your energy and why. You may have turned down offers that weren’t fulfilling, in order to make room for what is. Today, and in the days that follow, you’re likely to get rewarded for this sense of discernment, and for all of your patience. Keep choosing yourself, your health, and your wealth.