Gemini Season is coming to an end soon, Scorpio, and Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, is two days away from beginning its four-month retrograde in Pisces. You may be questioning what your current priorities are, and why. A part of you may be wanting to retreat into your own world to focus on your creative ventures, but at the same time your ruling planet Mars is in Leo right now, encouraging you to take center stage and let your talents be seen and celebrated. Today’s Libra Moon encourages you to find harmony and balance between both of your needs. Try to spend time socializing with your crew for the first part of the day, and then put your phone on airplane mode during the second portion as you commit to a passion project — this can help you feel a greater sense of equilibrium and ease in your endeavors. As a sign of extremes, this may at first feel awkward to attempt to do, but once you see the results of this lifestyle change you’ll be able to stick to it for the long-haul.