The Moon shifts into Leo as the week begins, and this activates Scorpio’s sector of career and reputation. This is the ideal energy for focusing on your passions and bringing them to life through consistency and discipline. However, with our ruler Mars still in Cancer for three weeks, it may feel challenging to stay focused on professional pursuits when you’re also feeling sensitive to traumatic events occurring worldwide. Capitalism has taught us to keep going, keep producing, and keep working even when the world is under fire or innocent people are being killed. But with Jupiter now in Pisces activating our sector of love, we’re being asked to lead with our hearts, Scorpio. Take time to tap into what’s going on outside of your immediate circle. Merge your livelihood with the livelihood of others. Understand that it’s interconnected. By doing so, you’ll increase your Scorpio powers and you’ll feel like you can sustainably keep making your dreams come true.