Welcome to the Jupiter in Pisces era, Scorpio! It’s been 12 years since Jupiter has entered its home sign, and it truly feels great to be back. Since Pisces is a Water Sign like we are, this transit — which will initially last until July 28th before Jupiter re-enters Aquarius for the rest of the year — will feel more comfortable and familiar to Scorpios. When both Jupiter and Saturn were in Aquarius, Scorpios were constantly being put to the test when it came to learning how to cultivate healthy emotional detachment. But when Jupiter’s in Pisces, it feels cool and natural to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve and to consistently practice vulnerability. Scorpios will surprise themselves these next few months when it comes to our abilities to accept, release and express our emotions. This will feel like a superpower allowing us to manifest a pathway that brings whatever we wish into existence. Life’s going to feel extra magical, and your dreams will feel more tangible than usual. You’ll notice love’s vibration everywhere, and your Scorpio walls will start to come down. Ready? Set? Flow.