Venus shifts into your partnership sector today, Scorpio. It enters its home sign of Taurus and increases your desire for sensuality, passion, commitment and honesty in all your connections, but particularly the romantic ones. With the Taurus Moon having recently squared off with Saturn though, a part of you may be feeling self-protective as this transit begins. Luckily, today’s lunar alignment with Neptune in Pisces encourages you to choose idealism over practicality. Dare to believe in the best case scenario when it comes to the way your love life can transform for the better these next six months. For Scorpios who are feeling at ease in their connections, take time to let your partner(s) know how much they mean to you — this isn’t the time to take such unions for granted. And for Scorpios who may be scoffing at the idea of love, or who are still working on believing in it, be patient with yourself as you set intentions regarding what your ideal partner(s) are like. Start off by being that ideal partner for yourself, and honestly assess your areas of growth as well as your strengths.