This New Moon week’s hitting different for you, Scorpio. Today starts off with a harmonious alignment between Jupiter in Aquarius and the Aries New Moon, infusing you with great momentum and drive to start this lunar new year with a bang. You may find yourself in the mood to organize your home and restructure the way you approach work. You’re focused on working smarter, rather than harder. This may mean being more intentional about what you spend your time on, and being bold enough to tell others exactly what type of support you need right now. Also be aware that the Moon makes a conflicting alignment with our ruler Pluto, so you may have to overcome the part of you that’s worried that you’ll self-sabotage before lifting your visions off the ground. Focus on how your future self feels as they celebrate the manifestation of your current intentions, six months from now. Hold that vision in your minds eye, and work your way backwards. Congratulations, Scorpio!