This final day of Mars in Taurus will have us reflecting on the changes that took place in our relationships these past six weeks, Scorpio. Mars is our ruling planet, and when it’s in our opposite zodiac sign, a new part of ourselves tends to emerge — a slightly more stubborn and intense side, but also a wilder and unexpected side. This is especially the case since Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is also in Taurus (until 2026!), and it’s switched up everything we thought we knew about love and intimacy. You may have found yourself doing and saying things you never thought you’d do or say before. This is a good thing, Scorpio, because it means you’re letting yourself expand your view of who you are, and this will enrich your connections down the line. Today’s also a good day to close the chapter on connections that feel less than fulfilling, using the lingering energy of the Virgo Full Moon. Many more doors are about to open once Mars shifts into Gemini tomorrow, so trust in the power of necessary endings.