Scorpio, affirm that February 2021 will be the month where you choose yourself, validate yourself, and make yourself incredibly proud. Mercury may be retrograde, but our energies are stronger than ever during this time, because we’re taking the time to notice what our souls actually need. By consciously removing all of the additional fluff from your life, you’ll start to breathe easy again, especially with today’s Libra Moon and with Venus, the Planet of Love, now traveling in Aquarius until February 25th. You may have been carrying too much on your shoulders, and this first day of the month asks you to remove all that weight. For example, I purged my phone contacts from 437 contacts to 55 contacts, and removed thousands of photos from my phone. I feel as light as a butterfly soaring towards the sun. Imagine how light you’ll feel if you commit to making this month the ultimate fresh start?