Do your best to avoid power struggles with yourself or others, Scorpio. Our two rulers Mars and Pluto square off against each other today, and it may lead to you feeling internal and external conflicts. The problems that may be popping up in your life aren’t necessarily as huge as they initially seem… You’re a superhero now, remember? You’ve remembered your powers. And what tends to happen when a magician remembers their gifts is that they start facing challenges and hurdles left and right. The Universe starts testing your strength, your courage, and your ability to stay grounded. At times you may cry due to how much pressure this ascension is placing on you. That’s a good thing, Scorpio. Release the tears. You may be a warrior, but you’re also human, and your vulnerability and your emotions are also your superpowers. With the Moon in Aries activating your sector of health, your well-being is tied to your ability to face life head-on, with the knowledge that you’ve already won. Keep breathing, and keep slaying the day.