Today’s the last day of Jupiter in Capricorn, Scorpio. We’re nearing the end of a journey that activated our sector of communication, and we may be feeling like wise souls who’ve made it to the top of a spiritual mountaintop. This is the point in the story where we humble ourselves and take several seats as we peacefully enjoy the view that we’ve manifested through discipline, sacrifice, and dedicated patience. Every ending is a new beginning, Scorpio, and if you feel like you’ve accomplished a spiritual, educational, or financial milestone, or that you’re on the verge of doing so, it’s because you’ve mastered a part of yourself that you’ve worked on for years. Jupiter’s shift into Aquarius tomorrow will ask you to pay more attention to your past, your home, your roots, and your values for the next 13 months. You’ll attract more abundance your way when you tend to your own grass without comparing your journey to anyone else’s.