The more you want something, the more you should learn to detach from your need to have it, Scorpio. That’s the lesson you’re learning with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius activating your sector of roots and values. The Leo Full Moon is one day away from taking place, which means you can sense that life as you know it is on the brink of tremendous transformation. Instead of letting restlessness get the most of you, this would be an ideal day to daydream of already receiving what your heart currently desires. What does it feel like to have manifested the life of your dreams? In what ways do you invest, share, and spread your wealth and infinite resources? How much love do you allow yourself to consistently give and receive? These final days of Venus in Capricorn are helping you step into your power and blow everyone away in the process. Once you have unlimited faith in yourself, the Universe, and your divine guides, whatever your soul desires will manifest.