Happy Leo Full Moon, Scorpio! Wednesday and Thursday’s vibes will have you feelin’ yourself, even more than usual. Recently there may have been haters (also known as “fans in denial”) or frenemies who may have tried to drain you of your energy or keep you down, but this full moon helps remind you of your limitless strength, and infinite radiance. They’re literally adding flames to your fire. Scorpio, you’d also benefit from becoming aware of moments when it’s not only others who may be attempting to suppress your growth, but when your own mindset is overly critical about yourself and your current path. Full moons are all about enlightenment and closure, and this one highlights your career and reputation sector. What matters most is how you view yourself and how you decide to pick yourself back up when you fall. Humanize yourself more often. That’s when you’ll really activate your Scorpio superpowers.