We’ve made it to the final ten days of 2021, Scorpio. Imagine that the year 2022 is a portal to a completely new consciousness, where nothing about life as you know it now is the same. What would you want to spend these final 10 days of 2021 doing? These are the types of questions you’ll be asking yourself Monday and Tuesday. Monday’s Cancer Moon may make you nostalgic for simpler times in your life, and then Tuesday’s Leo Moon reminds you that all we have is the present moment, and you have the power to create the reality you dream of, as long as you let your passions lead the way. What are you currently most passionate about, and why? Whether that’s moving to the countryside, launching your own creative venture, or releasing your inhibitions, you’re the only one who can grant yourself permission to do what your heart currently desires. Keep moving towards that vision you’ve been dreaming of. On Tuesday, the equinox and start of Capricorn Season guarantees that you’ll find the path that leads to you where you’re meant to be. You are the path.