Scorpio, the upcoming Sagittarius eclipse has quite strong effects on us, which is why we’re collectively feeling tired, dehydrated, moody, and horny. There’s no point in trying to run away from these feelings — they’re part of the process of breaking through to the other side. What you should do, however, is be much kinder to yourself as you flow through this portal. If you can’t achieve everything on your to-do list, consider throwing the to-do list away (at least for this week). If you’re feeling restless at home, consider booking a staycation somewhere near or far (perhaps for this weekend). If you’re feeling romantic, consider responding to someone you’ve left on read (only if they’re worthy of a response), or shooting your shot with someone you’re crushing on. This pre-eclipse energy is about remembering your power of choice, and being accountable for your decisions. If you want to feel differently, move differently.