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Saturn started off 2020 in his home sign of Capricorn, which is where he’s been at the last two and a half years. Saturn is known as the planet of responsibility and restrictions, discipline and structure, showing us where we can make the most of our time and resources. Saturn urged us to start acting on our long term goals for success, opening our eyes to the work that laid ahead to get to the top. Kind of like a mountain climb, Saturn in Capricorn pushed us to our limits to show us just how powerful and grounded we are when we remain consistent and diligent about our process, ultimately testing how bad we really want what we say we want.

Then, on March 21st, Saturn dipped his toes into the next sign on his journey: Aquarius, the forward-thinking sign of innovation, invention, revolution, and community. Saturn is actually Aquarius’ traditional ruler, so it switched into another one of its homes. In Aquarius, Saturn’s energy is played out by showing us there are new and different ways to do what we need to do, although not in a way any of us expected, as is the unpredictable nature of Aquarius. The last time this happened was around 27 years ago, and just to put it into perspective, that was when the incredible invention of the internet was first released to the public, sparking a new era of human connection. Saturn has not been in Aquarius for very long, and starting May 11th, he will begin his four-month retrograde back home, not to ruin our lives, but to show us something we missed the first time around.

What makes this retrograde so unique is the fact that Saturn will be dancing between these two completely different signs throughout his retrograde journey: Capricorn, representing the old, and Aquarius, an embodiment of the new. For the next 4 months, we’re going to be faced with the challenge of how we can take certain pieces of our past and remix it to be our new future, discipline, and game plan. This is not the time to discard everything we’ve worked for up to this point. Retrogrades come along to show us that the answers we seek were in front of us all along, but require stillness and inner work to see clearly. In the case of Saturn Retrograde 2020, our next mountain climb to success will actually look a lot more like a journey to fulfillment than a fat stack o’ hunnids, where the responsibility to get it right is all yours. 


You’ve been very career driven the last few years, Aries. The traditional way to do things is how you’ve learned it all this time, but something about it doesn’t feel quite right. It may have felt tempting to suppress your eclectic side to appeal to a wider audience, but that which makes you unique is actually where the gold is at. Figure out what your true colors are and find a way to mold that into a happier, more new-age work life.


It may feel like you’re approaching new shores in a storm, eager to explore all the new opportunities that await after a long and hard few years of learning experiences. Before you can really sink your teeth into what your next plan of long term goals looks like, take a quick inventory on all the experiences you’ve gathered in the last few years. To think you’ve come this far deserves a pat on the back, and where you’re headed after this retrograde will be your new normal for a long time. Allow yourself to grow into it with as much gratitude in your heart as possible.

You want more, and of course you deserve it, Gemini. This retrograde is just making sure that “more” doesn’t consume you like quicksand. There’s still some work to be done with your shadows before you can be set free like the butterfly you are. If you feel like a fear of commitment may be holding you back, explore that. No one said you couldn’t commit to a life of being MORE of what you already are: adaptable.


The urge to dissect your past relationships will bring up a lot of feelings for you in this retrograde, Cancer. The shadows you’re facing within yourself almost seem to be manifesting as other people in your life, but this is entirely to show you where you need to be nurtured, not ashamed or judged. Use this Saturn energy to re-establish a self care routine with yourself that centers around forgiveness and self compassion, and stick to it for the sake of your own inner healing.

Acts of service make you purr like a jungle cat these days, Leo, but it’s a little weird and new for you to have that energy reciprocated. This retrograde is showing you where it’s ok to take all you’ve learned in the past about serving others, and apply that to your friendships and relationships so that the energy can be mirrored back to you. It may take some practice, but once you get a groove going you’ll be on your way to creating connections that really last.


Your work / play balance is a little messed up right now, Virgo. Catching a break to have some fun sometimes gets tangled in a web of anxiety about all your other responsibilities. Saturn retrograde is saying, what if you made your responsibilities fun, too? What if knocking out  that to-do list brought you a little spark of joy? Explore that possible future and treat yourself with kindness while you’re trying to keep yourself busy.

As much as you’d like to go out and play, there’s a lot of resistance around that for you. The desire to have comfort and safety will override your desire to let loose a little bit these next few months. Take this time to prepare yourself for a lifestyle that’s both fun, AND nurtures your more vulnerable side, all at the same time. 

Where the protection of your close friends and family is concerned, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to keep the ones you love safe. You will not, however, be ok with letting negativity creep into your safe space. Especially not while you’re trying to grow, yourself. If you start to feel like others are asking a lot of you because you seem to have it all together, Saturn retrograde is going to ask YOU to think about what YOUR needs are first. Not everything is as it seems, and not every “no” requires an explanation.


Your ability to connect to the public has been really sparking up lately, but you could still benefit from a little extra quiet time to gather a few more juicy acorns as Saturn moves retrograde. This is very good news, as it gives you the opportunity to accumulate and save your resources with a little more ease. Throughout this retrograde period, different ideas for investing those resources into the next phase of your life will reveal themselves to you, and soon you’ll have a team to start a whole forest with. 


Right as you make the move to start being more intentional about the resources you already have, don’t forget the most valuable ones in your possession – the ones that set your soul on fire. Saturn is your ruling planet, and you’ve just been through a long hard few years of reinventing yourself with Saturn in your sign the last few years. This has ultimately shifted your value system to a higher vibrating place as well. As you start to change your idea of what’s worth it to spend your time and money on, come back to yourself first. What do you need to feel yourself again? Make time for that.


As Saturn made his way into your home sign earlier in the year, a lot of responsibility suddenly started to fall on you to make a difference in the world somehow. If you want your legacy in this life to better reflect a certain vision you have for it, it may help to revisit that vision now. Don’t be afraid to dig up an old dream or goal you had earlier in the year, but keep in mind what a commitment this will be, not just for the people around you, but to your own personal growth.

Saturn retrograde is truly testing your faith in humanity right now. Take this time to focus on what you can do to make sure your sanity is strong by protecting your energy from what other people say you should do. This is something you’ve been practicing for years already, so you got this. Your gut feeling is your greatest ally, and reconnecting to an old network of people will help you to gain perspective on just how far you’ve come in standing up for what you need to do for your mental health.

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