November 22 - December 21

KnowSagittarius Scope March 22 – 23, 2023

Skymates, how intensely have you been feeling the start of the new astrological year and the vibes of yesterdays’ New Moon in Aries that still linger? Well, fasten your seat belts as Pluto will begin to shake things up in revolutionary Aquarius after having spent 15 years in Capricorn. Sag, during the next 20 years you’ll feel a deep desire to speak your truth and to connect with others on a deeper level. This is a time of transformation when it comes to your communication style, and you’ll find that your words begin to carry a powerful punch, and to have the ability to inspire, transform, and heal. Are you clear and direct with your words, or do you tend to beat around the bush? Do you listen attentively to others, or are you quick to interrupt and dominate the conversation? Explore new ways of listening and of expressing yourself. You will find transformation in your daily interactions.

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KnowSagittarius February ’23 Scope

Key Themes: taking back the reins, following (acting from) passions, emotional healing and release, celebrating and prioritizing yourself

Sagittarius, if last month felt a little more scattered than you would have liked, all good – February is going to look different. We’ve now come out of three major retrogrades, which will feel like life’s flowing that much more seamlessly. Rather than letting time go by without intention, this will be a month to take back the reins on your journey, joy and sense of adventure.

That theme kicks off with a Leo Full moon, on Feb 5th. This is one of those moons which tends to feel like a fire being ignited. A fellow fire sign, Leo is all self-empowerment and boldness. It has a lot in common with Sag energy. With this moon illuminating your sector of adventure and life purpose, it might feel like a fog lifting. Joy, momentum and excitement can be reignited – it’s your time to shine. If you’ve had any passions on the backburner, now’s the time to pick them up and act accordingly. Life’s too short to feel mundane, ever. You’re ready for more.

Being guided by your spark and passion is a theme which will be further emphasized with Asteroid Vesta entering Aries, on Feb 7th. The asteroids tend to be a little less known in popular astrology, but this does not accurately reflect anything about their importance. Vesta’s energy is all about reigniting that inner flame that illuminates our path forward. It makes taking action easy and effortless. This month you’re being invited into remembrance of what lights, warms, and fills you up. What have been the most meaningful and rich moments of your life? It’ll be a powerful time to reflect on what makes you feel nervous-excited. Then, lean into exactly that.

On Feb 18th, the sun shifting into the final zodiac initiates Pisces season. For you this dreamy season will activate your sector of emotional healing and self-love. This time, (particularly around the New Moon on Feb 20th) will be extremely powerful for deep diving into matters of emotion, the soul and your heart. If you’re feeling heavy in any way, ask yourself why? What’s sore?

A square between Saturn and Chiron on Feb 23rd may just make those answers clear. For a minute, it might feel uncomfortable digging through your emotional world – but coming out the other side lighter, clearer and more self-loving will absolutely be worth it. Prioritizing yourself by switching off your phone, saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t feel nurturing, and spending enough time in pure reflection with yourself, are all the tools you need for February to be potent.

Plus, with Venus entering Aries (and joining Chiron) on Feb 20th, you’ll feel this pull towards self-prioritization even more. Often, life does involve filling up your own cup first, so that it may then overflow out to others. Release any guilt around doing this. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

About Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Mode: Mutable

Ruling Planets: Jupiter, the Planet of Luck & Abundance

Where Youll Find Them: Traveling the world, teaching at a university, learning belly dancing

What They Avoid: 9-5 jobs, following the established norms, being politically correct

Sagittarius, symbolized by the Archer half human, half horse is arguably the most positive and optimistic sign of the zodiac. When you think of a Sag, the bow and arrow pointed towards the sky comes to mind, and thats an adequate way of describing a Sagittarius: always reaching for greater heights, seeking to expand their horizons and reach for beyond. Sagittarius is the philosopher, the forward-thinker, the idealist and the philosopher of the zodiac. Sagittarius will lead to you viewing life, and yourself, from a different vantage point, and this is one of their strongest traits.

Professionally, Sagittariuswere born to teach and to learn. Even if they dont pursue higher education, they’ll be self-taught. Their desire to absorb knowledge is contagious, which is why they often make excellent educators, gurus, mentors, advisors, and counselors. Sagittarius is multi-talented and easily inspired. This can be a great combination, but it can also lead to them starting many projects that they dont always complete. Sag tends to have a short attention span, so they’re constantly in search of stimulation, adventure and action. They thrive when they can exert themselves in a physical way. They may be drawn to spending time outdoors, dancing, sports, and acting. 

As a friend, Sagittarius is able to seek out whats unique and interesting in anyone they meet. This makes them popular and influential, because they make friends with people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. Sagittarius has high ideals and could spend hours debating people and trying to get them to see things from their perspective. While they have a stubborn streak, Sag is definitely an open-minded sign, and theyll listen to the various opinions while remaining true to their own. Sag is extraverted for the most part, and can have quite the wild social life. They cant be tamed, and they definitely can’t be controlled. 

As lovers, Sag tends to press the pause button before letting their emotions be shown in an intimate relationship. Sag may feel more comfortable as friends or hook-up buddies at first, but this may be a self-protective way of not letting people see what makes them tick. Sag tends to keep things light-hearted for the longest amount of time possible. When they do fall in love, its as if they never saw it coming, and all of a sudden theyre head over heels in love. Some Sagges may appear to be commitment-phobic, and this can cause their partner(s) or love interests to worry about whether theyre in it for the long haul. The truth is that you never truly know. You have to wait and see. Sag lives in the present moment, and trusts what their instincts are telling them to do. If you love a Sag, celebrate their freedom.