Happy New Year Sagittarius! And what an auspicious start to the year. We kick off with Mercury stationing direct in your sign on Jan 1st, catalyzing waves of  empowerment relative to your sovereignty. If you’ve been feeling restless or “stuck,” this energy is about to shift. It’ll be a wonderful time to activate movement in your life in some way; whether that means going for a jog, taking a trip, or simply doing a stretch routine at your desk. Getting your body flowing and grooving will break up stagnant/limiting mental patterns, freeing you up to live your best life. Love that for you! Plus, speaking of “free,” we also have Libra vibes flowing through with a Libra Quarter Moon. This transit reminds you to shake off any tendencies of needing to be “right.” There are always infinite truths, so it may be worth asking yourself what it means to win an argument, but lose a friend?