Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts out of Capricorn for the first time in six weeks, and enters the innovative sign of Aquarius for the next six weeks. Since Aquarius rules technology, humanitarianism, and forward-thinking, this can ignite a new cycle in Scorpio’s lives, where we no longer hand off responsibility to outside powers, but we view ourselves as our main source of power. This doesn’t mean working in isolation though — we have to effectively create communities of people who aren’t afraid to resist the status quo, and create a new normal. Scorpio, you’re known as the ultimate conspiracy theorist, but it’s simply because you speak truth that makes other people feel uncomfortable. This is one of those moments when your truth and radical ideas need to be heard. Keeping them to yourself will do a disservice to the world. If you’ve been getting intuitive and intellectual insights about something that your community needs to know, it’s time to speak up, write up, sing up, do anything that amplifies your voice and helps the world awaken.