July 22 - August 21

KnowLeo Scope July 4 – 5

Leo, what supports you and how can you better support it in return? The Moon is still in Virgo, inviting us to connect with our natural rhythms until Tuesday night when it shifts into Libra, bringing awareness to what it means to be in relationship with ourselves and the world around us. A shift in energy occurs on Tuesday, when Mars leaves its home sign and enters the slow moving, pleasure seeking sign of Taurus until August 20th. These will probably be busy days for you. Make the most of them by prioritizing, instead of getting completely lost in your to-do list. The best way to tackle things without depleting your energy is by bringing your presence into it completely and taking small pauses throughout the day that’ll help you come back to center. Mercury also leaves its home sign to enter nurturing, safety seeking Cancer until July 19th. Activating communication, and bringing more movement and engagement into your inner world.


KnowLeo June ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Clarity, self-intimacy, slowing down, healthy routine

Leo, last month raised some intense and chaotic energy with the powerful eclipse that took place in Scorpio. As another fixed sign, you would’ve been powerfully influenced by these transformative and evolutionary energies.

If you’ve had a disorienting last few weeks, June is about to provide you with some beautiful remedies for this.

June 3rd wraps up Mercury retrograde in the sign of Taurus, and you may feel a sense of grounding, clarity and purpose as a result. If you’ve had any loose threads or ideas – they may start to come full circle around now. It will be a powerful time to take what you’ve learned from this process (or the last few months) and birth a new approach.

It’s not an obstacle-free road ahead, as the next day (June 4th), Saturn (planet of structures, authority, career) commences its retrograde in your opposite sign, Aquarius.

The cosmic signature of this retrograde is one of societal upheaval. Over the next months, as a collective we may be having a spotlight shone on areas of instability and corruption within our governments, leaders and authority figures. Aquarius is all about bringing in change – so get ready for this!

On a personal level, the Saturn retrograde may bring some shifts to your sector of relationships. From intimate partnerships, friendships to work colleagues – you may be noticing who is actually on your team. Sometimes our ‘oldest’ friends are the ones with whom we divert paths at a certain point, and that’s okay. If you broaden perspective you may notice the loving energy of a work friend, or even a stranger.

Pay close attention to who actually uplifts and supports you Leo, for the months will be a process of learning to detach from the rest.

On June 14th, the full moon in Sagittarius will light a fire under you. This will be the perfect opportunity to close any chapters of stagnation, apathy or struggle. This empowering energy can remind you of your inherent power, which when recognized can blaze the trail of your life (much like your ruler, the Sun!).

Speaking of which, when the Sun shifts into your neighboring sign of Cancer on June 21st, you’ll be feeling good Leo.

This gentle transit serves as the launchpad for your own season; the perfect opportunity to go inwards and nurture yourself, before you bring your light and voice once more to the world.

Venus’ entry into Gemini on June 22 will likely further this process, giving you the opportunity to understand your emotional unfolding from an objective viewpoint. This is a powerful way to heal, and can be the catalyst for some major life shifts.

Understanding exactly where you’re at, and who you are in this current moment – will bring you the clarity and assurance required for some powerful intention setting with the New Moon on June 28th . If there was ever a New Moon to honor your own space and energy, this one would be it. Avoid making any plans that feel shallow or inauthentic; spend the night with the ones who love you the most, and that can mean yourself!

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About Leo

Element: Fire

Mode: Fixed

Ruler: The Sun

Where Youll Find Them: At an audition, taking a selfie, or building an empire

What They Avoid: Waiting in line, dealing with paperwork, following orders

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is all about spreading love, light, and glamour in the world. Ruled by the Sun, Leos are the center of attention, even if they dont try to be. Theres something about Leo that screams “Look at me!, and makes everyone stop and stare in awe and fascination. Leos symbol is the lion, and they have that natural royal aura about them that makes them natural leaders, inspiring us all to be our brightest, strongest selves. If there’s one thing thats clear about Leo, its that theyre full of passion, power and ambition. They dim their light for absolutely no one. It may take them a while to get to this level of self-confidence, though.

Leo thrives in a career where they have the freedom to do as they please. Leos make great presidents, CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists, stylists, and creative directors. They are also quite adept politicians, skilled at the art of persuasion. Leos often appear to be super confident, even if its a front, and this often helps them get exactly where they need to be at rocket speed. Dont get it twisted though Leo knows that it takes hard work and dedication to get to the top of the professional ladder, and theyre willing to put in the work. Its just that their patience will run thin if theyre dealing with people who arent as driven as they are. Leos team must really be supportive of their endeavors, or else theyll search for something new.

As friends, Leos are often the life of the party. Theyre the ones you call when youre feeling down and need a night on the town to lift your spirits. Leo does have a huge ego and can be quite prideful at times though, and it can be difficult for Leo to admit when theyre wrong. But ultimately, despite their sometimes self-centered nature, Leos have big hearts and are extremely generous to those they love sometimes to a fault. Leos must guard against frenemies or people who have a hidden agenda. Luckily, since Leo has such a positive outlook on life, they tend to attract more genuine supporters than secret haters. However, if they do attract negativity, Leo must be sure that their own shadow side, such as their legendary  competitiveness and jealousy, arent wrecking havoc in their lives. The key is for them to admit when their shadow is creeping up.

When it comes to love, Leo goes all out when pursuing someone who interests them. They love the chase, but they also love to be chased. Leo doesnt have to play hard to get everyone knows they are hard to get, and thats because everyone wants them. Leo should avoid getting too cocky or confident though, because sometimes that can also cause problems in relationships if their significant other feels like theyre not enough for Leo. Leos standards are royally high, and theyre constantly seeking to be in a power couple dynamic with someone who keeps them on their toes. Deeply sexual and passionate, loving a Leo is the ultimate whirlwind romance. Wild and spontaneous, Leo likes to call the shots both in and out of the bedroom. They’re the type of ride you never want to get off of.