July 22 - August 21

KnowLeo Scope November 28 – 29, 2022

You’ll see the answer when you step back Leo. Over the next few days we’ll be experiencing Mars (planet of action) harmoniously connecting with Saturn (career, structures, physical manifestation). This can feel like full circle moments, new ideas and overcoming challenges – especially when it comes to making practical moves in the world. Leo, you’re being reminded that sometimes it’s okay to release some of your challenges back to the universe. If you’re getting too fixated on a problem, it can mean you’re not creating enough space for the solution to flow through. Like the idea of a mother who can’t feed her children if she’s starving herself, take the time to find rejuvenation. Step back, get away (even just for a day) and forget all of life’s worries. Notice what that act begins to catalyze in itself.

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KnowLeo October ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Nurturing yourself, momentum, inner healing, choices

Leo, October has the potential to be incredible… or kind of challenging! Either way, the potency and potential is there: which way you go, depends on your choices.

On October 2nd we have Mercury going direct in the sign of Virgo. This, as well as Pluto going direct on October 8th is going to bring an incredible amount of comfort, solace, as well as closure. You may notice some of the strongest themes you’ve been working with over the last months beginning to wrap up. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, lovely Leo. You might notice a new sense of self-empowerment and inner balance. If so, lean into it! Nourish this state by maintaining a soft focus on self-care. You deserve this for yourself!

A full Moon in Aries on October 9th is going to bring back a sense of momentum and fiery spark, and you’ll be here for it. This dynamic energy lights up your sector of adventure, travel and life purpose – so now will be a great time to take a spontaneous trip, or mix things up in some other way. Stretching beyond your comfort zone with something new will feel particularly enriching right now.

With Mercury entering Libra on October 10th, you’ll be feeling more social than you have for a little while. It will be worth enjoying the lightness of this week with friends and fun activities, because the rest of the month is going to enter more intense and introspective energies.

Speaking of… on October 23 we have Venus and the Sun (your planetary ruler), entering the transformative powerhouse sign of Scorpio. Collectively, this brings on a more emotional, intuitive and empathic kind of vibe. Feelings will rise to the surface, as will conflict and anything else we’ve been suppressing all year.

You might notice this is particularly true around the Solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th. This is a big one Leo! Because it activates your sector of emotional healing, be sure to treat yourself with extra love and softness. If you feel a build-up of emotions, let them out with a healthy and self-loving cry. Part of this human experience is our vulnerability and sadness, which (as Scorpio reminds us) can really be such a beautiful thing. As the sign of the solar child, you do wear your heart on your sleeve and with barriers down – this can lead to painful experiences. This moon reminds you to treat yourself as though you were a child. Love yourself the way you wish to be loved by those around you. Tip: doing so will attract exactly that.

The catharsis of the time means you’ll be feeling so much lighter and more than ready to take on Mars retrograde which begins on October 30th. It’s taking place in your sector of community and networking, opening up the perfect opportunity for you to tweak any dynamics or wounds around collaboration. This energy is all about ‘group’ dynamics which is actually the opposite of your sign’s focus on the individual. So, it’ll be a retrograde all about learning and finding balance. You’re ready for this Leo, let’s go!

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About Leo

Element: Fire

Mode: Fixed

Ruler: The Sun

Where Youll Find Them: At an audition, taking a selfie, or building an empire

What They Avoid: Waiting in line, dealing with paperwork, following orders

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is all about spreading love, light, and glamour in the world. Ruled by the Sun, Leos are the center of attention, even if they dont try to be. Theres something about Leo that screams “Look at me!, and makes everyone stop and stare in awe and fascination. Leos symbol is the lion, and they have that natural royal aura about them that makes them natural leaders, inspiring us all to be our brightest, strongest selves. If there’s one thing thats clear about Leo, its that theyre full of passion, power and ambition. They dim their light for absolutely no one. It may take them a while to get to this level of self-confidence, though.

Leo thrives in a career where they have the freedom to do as they please. Leos make great presidents, CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists, stylists, and creative directors. They are also quite adept politicians, skilled at the art of persuasion. Leos often appear to be super confident, even if its a front, and this often helps them get exactly where they need to be at rocket speed. Dont get it twisted though Leo knows that it takes hard work and dedication to get to the top of the professional ladder, and theyre willing to put in the work. Its just that their patience will run thin if theyre dealing with people who arent as driven as they are. Leos team must really be supportive of their endeavors, or else theyll search for something new.

As friends, Leos are often the life of the party. Theyre the ones you call when youre feeling down and need a night on the town to lift your spirits. Leo does have a huge ego and can be quite prideful at times though, and it can be difficult for Leo to admit when theyre wrong. But ultimately, despite their sometimes self-centered nature, Leos have big hearts and are extremely generous to those they love sometimes to a fault. Leos must guard against frenemies or people who have a hidden agenda. Luckily, since Leo has such a positive outlook on life, they tend to attract more genuine supporters than secret haters. However, if they do attract negativity, Leo must be sure that their own shadow side, such as their legendary  competitiveness and jealousy, arent wrecking havoc in their lives. The key is for them to admit when their shadow is creeping up.

When it comes to love, Leo goes all out when pursuing someone who interests them. They love the chase, but they also love to be chased. Leo doesnt have to play hard to get everyone knows they are hard to get, and thats because everyone wants them. Leo should avoid getting too cocky or confident though, because sometimes that can also cause problems in relationships if their significant other feels like theyre not enough for Leo. Leos standards are royally high, and theyre constantly seeking to be in a power couple dynamic with someone who keeps them on their toes. Deeply sexual and passionate, loving a Leo is the ultimate whirlwind romance. Wild and spontaneous, Leo likes to call the shots both in and out of the bedroom. They’re the type of ride you never want to get off of.