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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.9 – 9.15

Commit to seeking balance between peace and passionate productivity, SkyMates! Early this week, finish out projects strong that are currently in progress. Trim areas of waste or distraction. Reach out to have important conversations you’ve been thinking over in your head. The culmination of recent discoveries comes in handy as you confront uncertainty with a willingness to try. Show up for your goals by putting in the necessary focus to plan out structure in the path ahead. You continue to build upon clarity around love, passions, and creativity. Give yourself space to dive deep into the details of these discoveries. 

By the time both Mercury and Venus leave Virgo and enter Libra on Saturday, you’ll naturally gravitate toward productive connectivity. It’ll be freeing to have structure in place so you can stay present in purposeful interactions as they bloom. A Full Moon in Pisces also takes place on Saturday, illuminating an urgency to bridge routine and spiritual peace. Your emotions interrupt patterns of discipline, alerting you to wounds that need some TLC. Set aside time to turn inward and check in with your connection to spirituality. How are your emotions interacting with your ambitions? An opposition between Mars and Neptune lights a fire under you to lock in decisions about your direction through it all. 

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Aries: As you lock in new disciplinary habits, it’s a relief to realize you don’t have to do this alone. There’s community ready to support you in places you hadn’t even expected. Stand tall in what matters to you with an eye out for those who feel the same. Holding one another accountable makes everyone stronger. The Full Moon brings you face to face with a necessary step toward your healing and personal evolution. Welcome a freeing emotional fresh start. Honor your body and spirit’s needs to recharge.

Taurus: Your creative big-picture vision becomes a more tangible possibility as you dive into the details of pulling it all off. Know that you can make this happen in exactly your way with persistence. Ride waves of inspiration as they strike. Document your process. Resist impulses to over-react in a moment of intense passion. There’s no need to slip into absolutist thinking. Stay present in all that you’re feeling. Research and explore your options before diving in head first. 

Gemini: Tie up loose ends this week with matters involving your home and chosen family. Talk to loved ones about any game-changing new developments in your life. It’s second nature for you to be emotionally independent, but it’s time you gave yourself wiggle room to lean on those who’ve earned your trust. Communicate your needs directly and without apology. You’re learning to do the same in your career and it begins to pay off later this week. 

Cancer: It comes natural for you to see the big picture potential for collective growth in your community. You’re especially masterful at self-promotion and facilitating expansive connections. New points of view open your mind to fresh possibilities for yourself that you hadn’t even imagined. Lean into your curiosities as they strike. The Full Moon draws your attention to expansive opportunities to travel or build upon your skills. Recenter your sense of power in moments of frustration. 

Leo: It’s time to catch friends and loved ones up with your evolved priorities. No matter how much your chosen family cares about you, it’s simply impossible for them to read your mind. Speak confidently and transparently on your truth. Remain open to vulnerability with those who’ve earned your trust. Build upon growing momentum to monetize your natural passions. The Full Moon alerts you to pathways to electrifying intimacy or collaboration. 

Virgo:  You continue confidently forward through this groundbreaking period of recentering. Revelations of self and purpose ripple throughout your life, initiating identity-defining shifts of behavior. You’re transforming your own ideas of who you are and building upon your sense of self-trust with persistent attention to detail. It’s a rush to work new muscles of independence. You get to choose who you are in each new moment, despite any external pressures that suggest otherwise. 

Libra: Stay present in your healing process. Dive deeper beneath pressing areas of pain to discover ways to regain your sense of power in undesirable situations. Give your all to closing out projects or emotional loose ends with care. Clearing out the clutter of weighty emotional focuses opens your eyes to practical goals that can reinforce your physical, emotional, and mental strength. What do you want to accomplish now that you’ve let go of depleting distraction?

Scorpio: It’s motivating to see the expansive influence of your community, and to discover support in unexpected places. Honor your growing instincts to prioritize rest and healing above other demands. It’s important that you offer focused attention to nourishing your spirit in this transitional time. Creative expression can help you to work through disorienting emotions involving an ending era. What feels like play can guide you to tools that empower you to sustain your ideal lifestyle. 

Sagittarius: Settle into the confidence of it being no extraordinary occasion that you’re shining in the spotlight. This is simply what you do, so own it. Invest in your vision with your attention and resources. Others will compete for your focus, but stay deliberate about protecting your priceless creative and restorative time. Connections that enrich, inspire, and uplift you ignite your excitement about the potential of a purposeful team. This weekend, tend to your home with a willingness to nurture your evolution.

Capricorn: A fierce wanderlust interrupts your daily routine and attracts you to new destinations and experiences. You may not need to travel far to achieve the sense of adventure you crave. No one else needs to cosign your deep dive into curiosity. Stay present and observant as you intuitively find yourself in the position of student. Under the Full Moon, it’ll become unavoidably clear that it’s time to make behavioral updates in your relationships that reinforce your evolved state of mind. 

Aquarius: It comes naturally for you to pursue partnerships that offer mutual pleasure, evolution, and fulfillment. You’re direct and impactful in communicating your needs, which inspires others to do the same. The Full Moon sparks revelations for you involving money and value that urge you to make lifestyle changes. Trust yourself to start a game-changing new habit that supports your financial expansion. An emerging passion project shows lucrative long-term potential.

Pisces:  You’re hyper aware of the social nuances in relationships and it’s helping you to build upon a special partnership. Personal revelations unlock new pathways to intimacy. Take time to reconnect with your chosen family this week, as you’re sure to significantly influence one another. Do you have any insecurities around connection? If so, chose to face them head-on with brave actions that reinforce your confidence in all you have to offer. No one brings exactly what you do to the table. 

Note to All Skymates: Your anger can either stop you in your tracks or guide you to productive solutions, depending on how you react. Make a point of actively pivoting from the mental space of frustration to a mindset of curiosity in finding solutions. The Universe supports your attention to detail in problem-solving and reclaiming your personal agency. 

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