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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.30 – 10.6

Speak loud and clear on what matters, Skymates! New beginnings bloom throughout the week, empowering you to create balance that truly works for you. Consider your commitments and stay willing to make assertive changes that better reflect your evolved priorities. In negotiations, unapologetically champion your vision. Communicate your goals and boundaries before diving into new partnerships. You can bring a fresh sense of freedom and productivity to existing relationships by committing to some thoughtful new habits.

On Thursday, Pluto stations direct in Capricorn and Mercury enters Scorpio. Bring voice to pockets of your passions you previously hid or silenced. You have transformed feelings of shame into confident acceptance that shines from the inside out. Be patient with yourself as you dive into entirely new interests or studies. When Mars enters Libra on Friday, you may feel especially impatient about correcting imbalances. Resist impulses to take short cuts or spread yourself thin. Trust the process of organically building trust and confidence. Along the way, you discover an organic overlap between your abilities that positions you to efficiently multitask.

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Aries: You are exploring new territory in connection and partnership. Commit to unapologetic authenticity in the process of setting collective goals and limits. As your unique views of success evolve, you learn how to more effectively pursue fulfillment and build your team. Consider your how to best communicate your message, whether in intimate or public settings. Trust the instinct to speak candidly on your desires in partnerships of all kinds. 

Taurus: Ride the wave of confidence that guides you to take on a worthy challenge this week. You release externally imposed limiting beliefs to reveal a clearer vision of your most resonant goals. What new habits can help you to feel more prepared to take on your ambitions? Do something new to reinforce your feelings of physical and emotional strength in the face of inevitable obstacles. Explore options within your reach to work toward your unique idea of success. 

Gemini: Run with the instinct to prioritize pleasure and play this week. Be honest with yourself first about your desires. Savor the rush of exploring your options and trying out new things. Gravitate toward professional and sexual partnerships that support your confidence. You can stumble upon an exciting passion project while in your element. Trust yourself to step into a leadership role or reach out to potential teammates. 

Cancer: You’re redefining what home and foundation mean to you, creating room for further authenticity. Indulge the impulse to invest in what truly feeds your soul. What changes can you make at home to better support your peace and your goals? Is it time to move or switch things up?  Answer the call of inspiration as it summons you midweek. Honor your creative voice by recording your ideas, no matter how abstract or seemingly far-fetched they may seem now.

Leo: You’re in the process of transforming the way you interact with the world on large and small scales. It’s taking some time for intentional new habits of communication to feel natural to you. Stay present and honest in the process of reintroducing yourself to people who may have existing expectations of you. Stay alert to potential synchronicities. You can discover opportunities to facilitate fruitful connections between your friends and peers.

Virgo: As you shed false beliefs around your curiosities and creative voice, you discover completely new worlds of possibility that complicate your existing personal values. Give yourself room to update habits that have become a reflex but no longer support your purpose. Experiment with your daily routines to better accommodate your evolving priorities. Don’t hesitate to seek out community within these lifestyle changes for insight or motivation.

Libra: As the week progresses, you make new assertions of your individuality. New levels of self-acceptance inspire a natural confidence that comes in handy as you negotiate the terms of budding and existing obligations. Confront lingering feelings of shame with a willingness to love and protect yourself in the present. Pay attention to which relationships support this growth and allow you the freedom to be unapologetically you. 

Scorpio: Remain present in this transformative period of healing. Take action to release outdated habits weighing you down. Look in the mirror ask yourself what you need, and then respond as you would to a best friend. Shedding externally imposed limiting beliefs now empowers you to embrace your instincts around family and friendships. Consider your boundaries for dealing with different kinds of relationships. Indulge the instinct to redefine your expectations for your innermost circle. 

Sagittarius: Welcome resonant new beginnings in your social life. Define your boundaries and goals for connecting. Resist familiar instincts to spread yourself thin or overpromise. Instead, take your time finding balance and establishing trust. As the week progresses, you shake loose feelings of shame to reveal reinforced confidence in your true values. Adjust your daily routines to reflect these priorities. Embrace instincts to initiate new patterns of communication aligned with your healing. 

Capricorn: An expansive fresh start in your career consumes your attention this week. Don’t be afraid to take a calculated risk to stand out from the crowd. You’ll likely want to try a million things at once, but slow down to give your full focus to one thing at a time. You may discover that others are either afraid of or ignorant to game-changing possibilities that come naturally to you. Craft the path ahead around your unique perspective rather than assumed norms.

Aquarius: As the week progresses, you’re more and more antsy to make expansive moves to travel, take on a new study, or explore. Now that you’ve shed externally imposed shame around your curiosities, you’re ready to immerse yourself in new worlds and ways of life aligned with your passions. You’re redefining long-term goals and your idea of true accomplishment. Which next steps will best support these aspirations?

Pisces:  Updating your communication habits empowers you to usher in a new era of resonant intimacy and harmony in partnerships. Resist instincts to fall into a familiar, unbalanced pattern. Seize the opportunity to try something you never have before, in the spirit of growth. Your connections inspire you to deepen your knowledge of new topics or travel to perspective-shifting destinations. Offer patience to yourself and others as you explore completely new dimensions of your connection. 

Note to All Skymates: It can feel intimidating at first to try and create new patterns in relationships that have fallen into a long-term rhythm, but the results can open new worlds of connection and productivity between you. Trust yourself to bring more freedom and mutual joy to your relationships. Communicate directly about what does or doesn’t feel good, no matter how long you’ve known one another. 

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