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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.23 – 9.29

Trust your recent evolution to interact with the world, Skymates! Libra season begins on Monday, awakening the social animal within. As revelations of self sink in, you embody a natural confidence. You see the beauty in your surroundings and in other people, and are proactive to build upon what brings you joy. Resist lingering instincts to fall into limiting old patterns as you encounter fresh opportunities to connect, negotiate, or express yourself. 

A New Moon in Libra on Saturday challenges you to narrow your focus in pursuit of balance. Areas of your life that are wasteful or disrupt harmony become unavoidable to you now, demanding your action & attention. Pause to reflect on specific behaviors or obligations that feel counter-productive to your purpose. Does a fear-based false belief influence you to return to the same dysfunction? Be completely honest with yourself. Then, make a game plan.

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Aries: You’ve locked in impactful new work and lifestyle habits, and are now excited to join forces. For the next month, you’ll develop a fruitful partnership and make significant decisions around commitment. In romantic, creative, and professional partnerships, you’re determined to strike a mutually fulfilling balance. Offer these relationships your focus and patience. A connection that emerges around the New Moon inspires and motivates you over the next 6 months. 

Taurus: You’re committed to making lifestyle changes in support of your evolving long-term goals. As you show up persistently with a willingness to challenge yourself, you gradually discover that ambitions you once saw as impossible are within closer reach than you once thought. Take an active first step this weekend. Have faith in the process. Also, check in with your body. Are there changes you can make in your daily habits to help you feel stronger?

Gemini: You’re spilling over with curiosity and inspiration. Honor your creative voice by documenting abstract ideas as they take form. Resist the urge to edit yourself prematurely. Your recent inner work around intimacy and partnerships now empowers you to experience entirely new levels of passion, pleasure, and collaboration. These experiences also inform your creativity. Run with the instinct to express yourself in a new way when the moment strikes. 

Cancer: After a period of social exploration, you now turn inward to focus on bringing balance to your emotional foundation. Take initiative to have important conversations that can help you to feel better supported in your home space and inner circle. Reach out to loved ones to catch up and offer support. Communicate clear boundaries. Don’t hesitate to lay low and focus on replenishing your energy when necessary. What changes can you make at home to better support your goals in the coming 6 months? 

Leo: Recent tough lessons around partnership now empower you to enjoy productive, healthy relationships with your friends and peers. It feels powerful to move beyond past insecurities into this new era of confident connectivity. Prioritize relationships that nourish and inspire you. Under the New Moon, you discover exciting opportunities to join a team or community that keeps you motivated & focused over the next 6 months. Position yourself among potential collaborators who care as deeply as you do. 

Virgo:  During Virgo season, you defined new personal priorities. It’s now time for you to bring your routines into alignment with these values. Budget, rework your schedule, or make changes at work that better support your evolved goals. The New Moon this weekend reinforces your most resonant motivations and invites you to act on them. Invest in what you value most. Don’t wait for a co-sign to get moving in a new direction.

Libra: A rush of energy and confidence guides you into your solar return. The Libra New Moon on Saturday is a fruitful time for you to make assertions toward fresh starts. Throughout the week, think about what projects do you hope to complete 6 months from now, or by the end of the decade. What changes do you hope to cultivate in your relationships? Get real about your game plan to bring these intentions to life. Write down ambitious ideas as inspiration strikes. Trust yourself to take a purposeful risk aligned with your growth.

Scorpio: Get cozy and stay committed to your healing. Libra season offers a fruitful opportunity for you to focus on letting go and replenishing your energy. Don’t hesitate to lay low and focus on working through intense emotions when the moment strikes. Exercising your creative voice can help you to define what you’re feeling. By the time Scorpio season rolls around, you’ll thank yourself for doing the work now to free yourself from outdated obligations and patterns.  

Sagittarius: You’ve reached a point on the path toward your career goals where you now need to involve others. Solitary research has been important in establishing a foundation, but it can only get you so far. Be proactive about positioning yourself to make meaningful, mutually beneficial connections. Stay present and patient in the process of building trust. Make sure you fill your energetic cup first so that you can come to interactions with focus & your A game. 

Capricorn: You are incredibly aligned with your priorities, cutting out waste when necessary. Long-term goals solidify, and you seek out community and collaborators with whom you can organically support one another vision. Jupiter will enter your sign in December of this year, attracting you to abundance. What kind of foundation do you need to establish before then so that you’re prepared to take purposeful risks when the moment strikes? Believe in your ability to rise to the occasion.

Aquarius: Throughout Libra season, you crave adventure and knowledge. Solidify concrete goals for the coming 6 months. What kind of experiences do you need or want to have under your belt by then? Take a class, plan a trip, or do some focused research to prepare for where you’re headed. Allow yourself grace as you delve into completely new activities or studies. Remember that there’s absolutely no shame in making inevitable mistakes along the way. 

Pisces:  Your sexual, emotional, and financial worlds pick up speed this week. Recent lessons position you to now reach new heights of pleasure or profit. Stay present in each decision, prioritizing individuality over assumption. Take time to ask questions, specify your specific goals, and define limits. This weekend, a partnership blooms in your life that inspires and motivates you over the next 6 months. Trust the process of organically building trust. There’s no need to rush.

Note to All SkymatesTake time this week to write down your priorities and boundaries for connecting. Ground your motivations so that you don’t get carried away with subconscious influences in the moment. Stay willing to give as you take, and to stand by your needs. 

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