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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.2 – 9.8

Enjoy the delicious rush of protecting your focus with a vengeance, SkyMates! Take advantage of the potent lingering energy from last Friday’s Virgo New Moon by setting aside time to zero in on specific intentions for the coming 6 months. A Scorpio Moon beginning on Monday night roots this moment in an intense commitment to deeper or hidden truths. Any external dissonance falls away as you get clearer on what matters most to you now. Communicate your change in direction to those involved, while keeping boundaries sternly in place. Be mindful of moments when you instinctively offer up your choices for negotiation in moments when it isn’t appropriate. There are some things in your life that only you get a say in.

When the Moon enters Sagittarius on Thursday, dive even deeper into your unique dreams as an individual. You may look around and realize that, in certain respects, you’re a loner within your immediate community. Rather than latching onto any feelings of intimidation, allow this moment to propel you into new adventures of self-discovery. Be proactive about expanding upon these parts of yourself you may have neglected in the past out of hoping to fit in with the crowd. There are many options before you, and loads of work to do to make up for lost time! Know that there’s no need to attempt reinventing the wheel. Reach out to those who have similar goals for advice or help if & when you need to.

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Aries: Stay present in the process of creating lasting new habits in health, fitness, and organization. If feeling pressured to seek out shortcuts, pause to reconnect to your central motivations. There’s no way to rush through foundational steps that only you can feel through on your own. All the books in the world won’t substitute for hands-on experience, so trust yourself to dive in and learn in motion. Be sure to leave time in your disciplined schedule for adequate rest and connection with loved ones. 

Taurus: Share your message, love, and creations loud and clear, Taurus! Honor your creative voice as new forms of self expression spill out of you this week. Spontaneous bouts of curiosity guide you to mind-opening discoveries and delights, if you let them. Resist any reflex to silence or stifle yourself before you’ve even begun. You may also find new words to express your love, or stumble upon the perfect gift or experience to share with a lover. 

Gemini: There’s no ignoring necessary changes you need to make at home to preserve your peace and productivity. Evolved lifestyle and work goals now demand new sources of replenishment and support. On a foundational level, do you have everything at home that you need to feel healthy and strong? Ask yourself the same of your inner circle of emotional support. Be honest with yourself and others about what you need. Make time to connect with loved ones to update one another on new self-discoveries.

Cancer: It’s thrilling for you to explore new and old connections with curiosity and an open heart. Fresh discoveries open up entirely new pathways to collaboration or friendship with people you may have previously made limiting assumptions about. Ride the wave of spontaneity that guides you outside your usual stomping grounds. Along your adventures, you could stumble upon your new favorite oasis, life-long friends, or your dream team for an emerging passion project. 

Leo: A whole new attitude around money and daily routines sets in as you ground yourself in what you consider to be truly valuable. It’s a relief to discard outdated value systems based around fear and replace those beliefs with earned self-trust. Set small goals this week and follow through for yourself consistently. Document your process and offer yourself some healthy wiggle room as you lock in these life-changing new habits. 

Virgo:  This is your time, Virgo! Stand tall in your full, multiplicitous identity. You’re infectious to others when in your element, but know when to draw the line with how much you give to others. Resist the temptation to remain stagnant or complicit for the sake of ego-driven motivations. Keep an honest dialogue open with your intuition. You may be surprised at how many enthusiastic supporters and potential collaborators are within reach once you’re honest and clear about your authentic goals. 

Libra: Offer focused attention to your connection to spirituality this week. Pause to address emotional epiphanies and any shame you’re holding on to. What do you need to do to let go of lingering feelings of helplessness or frustration? Stay present in working through ending emotional eras in your life. Do what’s necessary to show up for yourself and for those counting on you to keep your word. Replace self-doubt with persistent acts of commitment to your healing. 

Scorpio: Savor how thrilling it feels to share your passions with others who share your intensity. You’re diving into collective projects that’ll continue on through October. Know that there’s no need to silence parts of yourself to be part of a worthy team. Communicate thoroughly with collaborators about everyone’s expectations, limits, and specific goals. If working remotely, be sure to schedule check-ins along the way to address redundancies and tighten up your focus.

Sagittarius: Check in with your ideas of success before bounding forward toward professional next steps. Are these goals grounded in what you believe, or are you still binding your ambitions to externally imposed guidelines around achievement? Quiet your mind and minimize distractions to hear out your subconscious. Then, take action to recenter your journey. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else to be exactly the right move for you. 

Capricorn: Expansive new destinations or areas of study are calling your name! Before making a move, pause to articulate your goals to yourself in detail. Pay attention to if any of these aspirations are rooted in self-shame. Let your honest curiosity and sense of purpose guide you to what’s next, rather than externally imposed obligations. Follow through on pending responsibilities to free up your full focus for where you’re headed. Leave no stone unturned as you tie up loose ends and explore your options. 

Aquarius: Clarity around your longings relating to sex and intimacy motivates you to take active new steps toward the closeness you crave. Relationships evolve and transform as the common ground between you expands. Something you’ve secretly wanted to try may be completely aligned with your partner’s fantasies. Stop wasting time silencing your desires! Be direct about what you want. Stay present and attentive in the process of opening up to one another. 

Pisces: Give emerging partnerships room to bloom into what they uniquely are. Pay attention to moments when you’re viewing a new connection through a distorting lens of the past. As you take new steps in partnership, ground your decision-making in the present moment. Start small and build trust gradually through persistent action. Don’t waste time quieting your needs out of attempting to be polite or avoid hurting feelings. The strongest foundation can only be built on truth.

Note to All Skymates: If feeling pulled along for the ride on someone else’s journey, pause to retrace your steps to the moment you surrendered your agency. It’s a tough pill to swallow that you truly do have a choice at every step along the road, even if others have intimidated you into thinking otherwise in the past. Offer your past self forgiveness and grab a hold of the wheel!

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