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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 9.16 – 9.22

Shed patterns of shame and fear to make way for confident self-mastery, Skymates! Early this week, wade through game-changing new truths revealed to you under last Friday’s Full Moon with an open mind. Within this new knowledge, you find freedoms you hadn’t even known to claim in the past. Previously overlooked possibilities now present themselves to you as worthy and productive options. Give yourself permission to experiment. Document your process and consider how to most effectively communicate your intentions. 

When Saturn stations direct in Capricorn on Wednesday, it comes naturally to allow your emotional growth to interact with the world. Since Saturn stationed retrograde in April, you’ve been challenged to consider necessary changes of structure & discipline, especially around issues of sex, money, and power. It’s been humbling to confront cracks in your foundation, but you’ve acquired clarity in the process that will empower you to more effectively target your true goals. Jupiter squaring Neptune on Saturday pushes you to put recent tough lessons to productive use. Have faith in the process. Barriers fall away as you consistently show up for what you want while keeping loving space for all of who you are.

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Aries: You strike a productive rhythm early this week by bringing further intention to your daily habits. Roll with the instinct to put a little more forethought into details and planning when the moment strikes. Breathe life into previously abandoned goals with your new knowledge. It’s thrilling and motivating to discover new ways to let your authenticity shine in the process. Midweek, you reach solutions to career obstacles that open you up for expansion in the near future. 

Taurus: Your creative voice and sense of playfulness are alive and vocal this week. Pursue curiosities as they call to you. Plans to travel or study that were previously interrupted now become possibilities again. Recent lessons have made you even more ready to take on these new experiences. This weekend, intimate relationships challenge you to confront and conquer lingering insecurities. Trust in what connects you, and trust in your ability to adapt. 

Gemini: What do you need and want at home to feel supported, comfortable, and nourished, Gemini? Take initiative to act on the changes you’ve been thinking about forever. You’ll be surprised at just how adventurous you feel with the reinforcement of the right kind of energy at home backing you up. Do what you need to do to make sure you’re fully rested and prepared for the world. Your creative voice picks up speed midweek onward. Record your ideas as they arise. 

Cancer: New experiences keep you busy and motivated to show up with your best. Your social life is vibrant and productive, as is your schedule. When you aren’t working or learning, you’re networking. Don’t neglect your rest or emotions in the rush of inspiration. A disorienting obstacle this weekend alerts you to necessary new discipline in your health or organizational habits. Take note of all this new data and have faith in your ability to create stronger habits here forward. 

Leo: After a period of hesitation or confusion, you catch new momentum in pursuit of work, health, and organizational goals. You’re showing up for yourself in ways that support your strength and confidence. Start small and build upon your progress. A little extra forethought & attention to detail go a long way now. This weekend, it can feel challenging to express yourself or tap into your creativity. Offer yourself patience as you reconnect with your voice.

Virgo: Recent self discoveries now open doors to free-flowing creativity and enthusiasm for the moment. Any sense of spiritual blockage falls away as you show up to the present moment with an open mind and commitment to finding your voice and your joy. You’re settling into an entirely new personal era. Check in with your inner child. Allow them some free-reign to explore and express. This weekend, an obstacle involving your home and family can feel humbling for the moment. 

Libra: You’re doing the work to heal lingering wounds and release patterns, resentments, or obligations that no longer align with your purpose. There’s a bittersweet nature to letting go. Be gentle with yourself through the process of showing up for your healing. Don’t hesitate to lean on those you trust most, when necessary. Having Mercury in your sign this week supports a natural ease in communicating. Obstacles arise this weekend that test your patience and challenge you to level up.

Scorpio: Savor how delicious it is to know and live your truth without waiting for permission. You’re in a space of reuniting with your inner child, cheering yourself on as you pursue new heights of joy and creativity. In the process, you’ve found nourishing comfort in community that shares your true priorities. You could join a team or take on a collective passion project this week. Be mindful not to overbook yourself. Give yourself space to focus fully on the present.

Sagittarius: Passion projects and career demand your discipline this week. New responsibilities feel daunting, but ultimately equip you with further access & agency. You may have to push beyond lingering insecurities in the process of bringing more deliberate intention to your social life. Trust your ability to rise to the occasion when opportunity knocks. If feeling scattered or lost, pause to quiet the noise and zero in on your most resonant motivations. Your passion will guide you back to center.  

Capricorn: You’re in a space of experimentation, challenging limits, and breaking new ground in your life. Previously rigid routines loosen up as you make space for new adventures and long-term goals. Obstacles push you to get creative and lean into your patience. Take a chance on something you’ve never tried before. Do something you’ve always wanted to. Be proactive about protecting your necessary rest and peace through it all. 

Aquarius: You’re in the process of updating your habits around money and partnership. Stay present and willing to adapt as you take on new responsibilities. There’s no need to overpromise. Your work and persistence will speak for them selves. You’re especially intuitive and effective in communicating now, so speak up. Go into potentially sticky or intimidating conversations with a concrete plan of action. Honor your ambition with your persistence. 

Pisces: An intense resonance with your newly developed convictions awakens an urgency to make significant changes to your current life direction. Be loving and patient with yourself as you define specific goals. Maintain boundaries for who you share this vulnerable space with. As you become more certain of your priorities, you naturally attract new teammates. Your interactions are incredibly nourishing and motivating. A bond deepens as you explore new corners of vulnerability.

Note to All Skymates: If feeling humbled, offer yourself some grace. Acknowledge your growth as well as your mistakes. Hold yourself accountable for your impact on the world and for your happiness. Temporary discomfort makes way for a lifetime ahead of reinforced confidence and refined direction. 

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