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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 8.5 – 8.11

There’s still time to lock in transformative New Moon intentions, Skymates! Last week’s bold Leo New Moon energy spills into this week, as does Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow. On Monday, a Libra Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun offers a boost of optimistic confidence to support blossoming beginnings. It’ll take some trial & error to remedy miscommunications and setbacks that compiled during Mercury retrograde, but don’t shy away from the necessary friction of interaction. The regenerative energy of the New Moon is strongest for the 10 days following the New Moon. Before this Saturday, write down the life you envision for yourself 6 months from now, in vivid detail.

An auspicious trine between Jupiter and the Sun on Wednesday infuses fresh enthusiasm into your ambitions. Jupiter, planet of abundance and growth, stationed retrograde on April 10th, pushing you to reflect on your patterns and offer attention to detail to your process. It may have felt as though your luck was slowing down, when really you were tending to crucial blindspots along your path to self-mastery. Make time this week to acknowledge and take stock of the lessons you’ve learned during Jupiter retrograde. Allow discoveries to touch your behavior. Stay committed from August 11th through November 5 to your newly expanded wisdom and integrity through this final stretch of Jupiter direct at home in Sagittarius. Mercury also enters Leo and Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus on Sunday.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: A rush of spontaneity midweek invites all sorts of expansive possibilities into your orbit. There’s no need to abandon recent discoveries in the chaos that swirls around these new experiences. Trust yourself to put recent lessons to work in the world. Dreams that once felt out of reach become tangible possibilities as you shift your perspective. Take your time researching your plan of action. By Sunday, you’ll be ready to make a move.

Taurus: Make room to explore the depths of your intimate relationships this week. Reach out to loved ones to clear up miscommunications. If you notice yourself holding back, consider ways that you can bring more freedom to your connections. Focus on clarifying your priorities and making a habit of being more honest about what feels good to you. When Jupiter stations direct this Sunday, any lulls in your sexual and romantic life should come to a fiery end. 

Gemini: Relationship revelations come your way this week, as you’re challenged to set your ego aside. Take a deep breath before shutting down or lashing out when you encounter tough truths or constructive criticism. There’s something worth hearing that can completely change the game for you. Stay receptive. An interaction that at first feels combative may actually be the fiery beginning of an abundantly productive partner or allyship.

Cancer: After a few months of slowed motivation, you’re reinvigorated with passionate purpose. Don’t waste your time dwelling on wasted resources of the past. Instead, commit to discipline that better fits your specific goals, strengths, and needs. Later in the week, protect your peace and productivity. As you become more focused, there’s less room in your life for draining or distracting relationships. Stick with quality over quantity in the company you keep. 

Leo: Take a purposeful risk when passion strikes mid-week! The Sun in your sign forms an opportune trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius, igniting potential for once-in-a-lifetime expansion. Your accumulated work now attracts praise, attention, and access to further resources for you to build upon your vision. Stay present and honest as your professional and romantic lives heat up. Telling the truth can open doors to continued pleasure and abundance. 

Virgo: Surrender to emotion as it washes over you this week. Reach out to someone you trust to talk it through, or journal about how you’re feeling and read it back to yourself. If feeling lonely or craving community, consider ways that you can be helpful to others in need. Be proactive about clearing up miscommunications with family, roommates, or a significant other this weekend. Make time to reconnect with your most central motivations. 

Libra: Get your inner circle together this week to celebrate your progress and reconnect. Give thanks where it’s due. You can play a key role in opening up doors for those you love by connecting them with the right people. Midweek, you discover powerful words to communicate something pressing on your spirit. There’s no need to bottle how you’re feeling. Stand tall in your truth and your authenticity. Consider your timing and your audience to maximize your impact.

Scorpio: This week, you can find an abundant sweet spot at the intersection of what most excites you and your profession. Remember that you’re in control of your path. There’s no need to abandon your boundaries in the midst of an exciting storm of possibility around you. Commit to focus on your most central priorities as you set the foundation for a new source of income in your life. Take things one step at a time and resist the urge to overshare your process. 

Sagittarius: Step into your light this week, Sag! After surviving a few spiritual curveballs during Jupiter & Mercury retrograde, you’re more connected to your purpose than ever. Allow new discoveries to interact with the world, even if it interrupts others’ expectations. Where would you go if there were no limits to your mobility? Once you get clear on your vision, make room for your inner child to chase after curiosities and passion.

Capricorn: A wave of peace comes over you as you let go of cravings to control things outside of yourself. Over the last couple months, you’ve been forced to see emotional patterns in a new light, and are now embracing a healthier response to familiar heartaches. Lean into creating new habits. You’re tuned into the organic beauty and potential in the unexpected. Some spontaneity can awaken your sensual side or ignite your inspiration to create a masterpiece.

Aquarius: Embrace the impulse to be fully authentic with teammates and friends this week, as pathways to deeper connection open up. You may discover that you share a common passion that you hadn’t yet touched upon that strengthens your bond in ways you couldn’t have imagined. A friendship in your life may evolve into something more romantic or creative, if you’re open to it. Be proactive about positioning yourself among like-minded souls.

Pisces: Stalled professional pursuits pick up speed this week as you discover specific steps you can take to maximize your impact. Get your team together  to make sure you’re on the same page and set some collective goals. It’s essential that you commit to your higher wisdom and not the temptations of ego-driven distractions at this crucial turning-point. If you find yourself getting riled up, pause to breathe deep and reconnect to your purpose.

Note to All SkyMatesWhat circumstances best support your optimism? Focus on maximizing these conditions in your life. Be mindful of environments, communities, or relationships that drain you of your hope. With Jupiter stationing direct in Sagittarius this Sunday, it’s essential that you protect inner child’s hopeful electricity and trust in dreams.

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