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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 8.26 – 9.1

Channel your passionate focus wisely, SkyMates! Virgo energy’s been building momentum over the last week, inspiring you to apply discipline and discernment where it counts. A compassionate Cancer moon early in the week impels you to consider others’ needs and experiences through it all. A window into someone else’s perspective can guide you to game-changing realizations about how your decisions interact with your community. When Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday, it comes natural to strategize how to reach maximum efficiency in your habits and interactions. Keep record of moments when you connect essential dots. 

On Friday, the Virgo New Moon guides you to identify developing goals and get real about your plan of action. Your passions now demand that you accommodate them. The New Moon is aligned with Mars, Venus, and Mercury, bringing a confident ease to how you choose to prioritise your time. Be careful not to get too caught up in talking about plans. Your work and actions will speak for themselves. Dive into deep discussions with a lover or loved one to breathe new life into your connection. Revisit a passion project with renewed motivation. Don’t forget to save time for rest in the rush of your productive flow. 

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Aries: You’re ahead of the curve, emboldened by a fierce self-confidence. Give yourself wiggle room to try out new things before committing. Plans around health, fitness, and work pick up speed as you find your unique groove in a disciplined schedule. Check in with your body. What habits can you add into your schedule that make you feel strong and prepared? Whether appointed a leader or not, others look to you for guidance this week.

Taurus: Stay present in the rush of passion as it electrifies your life. You may discover untapped frontiers of your creative voice and in your romantic passions. Keep boundaries in place while giving your inner child free-reign to chase curiosities as they arise. Document your process and the ideas that pop into your head. You’re especially intoxicating to others, so stay intentional about the company you attract. 

Gemini: You reach a freeing turning point involving your home and family this week. It’s time to make changes that support your peace and your specific purpose. Deep dives of self-discovery reveal more effective ways of getting what you need from your most intimate relationships. It may be time to communicate new boundaries or expectations with loved ones. Consider what your ideal living situation looks like 6 months from now. What can you do now and in the coming weeks to work toward that vision? 

Cancer: You’re discovering new friends and potential collaborators all around you. Stay present and patient in each unique interaction. Try not to assume too much of others based on past experiences. Resist the urge to jump into a long-term commitment before doing thorough research and feeling out your chemistry before-hand. Don’t let anyone pressure you into overlooking your true concerns. With patience, you can strike the perfect balance of passion and productivity. 

Leo: Revelations around your personal values and your relationship to money guide you in new directions. What does your ideal typical day look like 6 months from now? Get serious about the specifics of investing in this future. Apply for your dream job, register your LLC, or start looking for a new place. Take an honest look at your daily routines, and consider whether it’s time to swap out some outdated habits for more purposeful new focuses. What matters most to you isn’t anyone else’s business.

Virgo: Check in with your “why”. You’re connecting major dots of self-discovery that now position you to navigate the world with furthered confidence and focused productivity. Stay diligent to prioritize passion over externally imposed obligation. Your most resonant motivations shine bright, whether you feel ready or not to adjust. Choose to show up for your full, honest truth. When you’re grounded in all that you are, what do you see yourself doing 6 months from now? Don’t silence any of yourself as you envision this dream future.

Libra: Great leaps forward in healing and endings are within reach, as long as you’re willing to show up consistently with your commitment to growth. You face many new choices in the present day that offer opportunities to build strong new foundations in places you once felt insecure, frustrated, or fearful. Build self trust by making promises to yourself and following through on them. Give your all to projects or eras now coming to a close so that you can step into Libra season with your full attention and focus. 

Scorpio: You’re eager to connect and collaborate with like-minded souls. Get creative about connecting your dream-team, or infiltrating a community that calls to your heart. Stay clear on your true goals and boundaries in the rush of potentially distracting passions. Take your time researching your options and exploring the expanses your compatibility before locking into long-term commitments. You’ll thank yourself for resisting the reflex to overlook unconventional possibilities. 

Sagittarius: Ever since Jupiter in your sign went direct on August 11, professional next steps toward long-term goals have come into clearer focus for you. Hindrances to your mobility fall away, daring you to put your money where your mouth is along the cleared path ahead. Consider lessons learned during Jupiter Retrograde (Apr 10 – Aug 11) as you channel snowballing Virgo energy toward ambitious challenges. With some extra attention to detail, you can blow your own mind this Virgo season! 

Capricorn: This week’s New Moon calls you to plan a trip or a purposeful risk that brings you into closer alignment with your purpose. What do you hope to accomplish over the next 6 months? What about in the next year? Make detailed plans, but surrender to the moment, knowing that there’s no way to anticipate every twist. There’s no need to waste time feeling frustrated that you can’t control the uncontrollable. Do whatever’s in your power to show up to your dreams prepared. 

Aquarius: This New Moon ushers in a turning point in an intimate or business relationship for you. Relationships that were once more about surface connections delve into new depths of realness that illuminate further possibilities for connection. You can discover a passionate, productive rhythm of collaboration in unexpected places. What goals do you have for love and business relationships over the next 6 months? 

Pisces: The path to commitment speeds up in an emerging partnership in your life. Pay attention to any reservations you have around taking steps forward together. Do whatever you can to reinforce your confidence in yourself before pointing the finger. Be specific with yourself & others about your boundaries, expectations, and goals for collaborating. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a dissonant pairing in pursuit of a partnership more aligned with your specific desires.

Note to All Skymates: If you catch yourself offering an unbalanced amount of focus toward being judgemental, pause to recenter your focus to factors within your control. Dig deeper to consider what it is about the situation that provokes that itch within you. You may feel intimidated once you’re honest with yourself. Choose to rise to the occasion rather than shy away from it. 

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