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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 8.19 – 8.25

Go for quality over quantity as you aim high, Skymates! An Aries moon lights a fire under you early this week to follow through on Full Moon revelations and end Leo season with a bang. Before you bound forward full speed, take your time zeroing in on your priorities. Give your all to one central focus at a time. Just because you are capable of doing something well, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most purposeful placement of your focus. Resist temptation to do things purely to stunt on others or check other people’s boxes of expectation. Which moves makes the most sense for you, as an individual?

Venus, planet of love, money, and values, joins Mars in Virgo on Wednesday, where it will remain until September 14. It’s grounding and validating for you to show up for what and who you love with acts of service. Virgo season begins on Friday, encouraging you to work, live, and love in ways that feel most productive and practical for you. Embrace the instinct to be especially particular. Dive into the details of driving home your most ambitious dreams. If feeling compelled to be hypercritical of others, shift your focus back to factors within your control. You can make crucial changes to your daily routines and organizational habits during Virgo season that will have wide-reaching impacts on your productivity. 

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Aries: Ride the wave of confidence that uplifts you early this week. Your unique perspective and touch are especially infectious to others. Take first steps to establish new empowering rhythms in fitness, health, or organization. Don’t be shy about seeking out community or an accountability buddy. There’s no reason to overwhelm yourself from the jump. Take things one step at a time. Celebrate your wins big & small from the beginning of this journey. Offer your past self forgiveness for any hesitation.

Taurus: Recent clarity around your goals or career now inspires a pure enthusiasm within. Make room for your inner child to express and explore emerging curiosities and passions. It may interrupt others expectations of you, but don’t let that hinder you. Take note of moments when you intuitively silence parts of yourself that yearn to be heard, and choose instead to stand tall in all of who you are. Write down strong feelings as they arise, and then read them back as though a best friend wrote those words. 

Gemini: As your ambitions evolve, you’re also developing new cravings for what feels supportive & nourishing at home. Don’t hesitate to make physical changes to your space or set a new rhythm of interaction in motion with those in your inner circle. You can create pathways to mutual comfort and joy by simply being honest about what truly feels good to you. It can be especially helpful to journal about what specifically makes you feel most supported. Take initiative to increase these conditions in your life. 

Cancer: After some time of hyper focus on your closest bonds and partnerships, you’re finding joyful productivity in diving back into wider social circles. Now that you’ve further defined your priorities, it’s thrilling to seek out potential allies in your immediate network. Rather than casting an ambiguous wide net, consider the exact personalities you need to round your ideal team. As you extend yourself purposefully, you’re sure to discover potential to connect and collaborate in places you hadn’t even expected. 

Leo: Offer some focused TLC to your relationship with money and values this Virgo season. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, pause to reflect on what you’re specifically missing. A spontaneous spark of curiosity early this week opens your eyes to potential to increase your income or spiritual wealth. Reinforce your self trust by investing time and resources in places that consistently offer you a worthy return. Don’t shy away from a purposeful risk or extra work if it means more freedom to do things your way. 

Virgo:  Do your best to detach from expectations of yourself and others. The possibilities of where the present moment can take you are beyond the reach your current imagination, so don’t waste your time running through scenarios in your head. Simply stand tall in all of you you are and enjoy the journey. Ride a wave of spontaneous passion as it electrifies your sex life or creativity early this week. Document your process and set aside time to check in with your “why” along the way. 

Libra: Throughout the week, you’re increasingly focused on healing beyond ending emotional eras in your life. Remain present and observant of what supports your growth. Identifying a dysfunctional pattern is only the first step to transforming it. It’s time for you to follow through beyond that with persistent action. Communicate your process and needs as clearly as you can along the way. It may take loved ones or partners some time to adjust to this new, more self-aware version of you. Offer yourself grace through this period of adjustment. 

Scorpio: It comes naturally for you to step into the spotlight or a leadership role this week. You may not even be fully aware of the vast scope of your influence. Know that your choices ripple out into your community in visible and invisible ways. Make it a point to check in regularly with your “why” along your journey. Resist intimidations to get caught up in other peoples’ expectations or needs at the expense of your most resonant priorities. Gravitate toward connections that uplift and nourish you. 

Sagittarius: As you approach expansive milestones along your career journey, it feels powerful to communicate & execute your vision more authentically than ever. Don’t let inevitable friction hold you back from your momentum. If feeling unsure about your professional direction, set aside time to clear your mind and focus in on the specifics of what you hope to accomplish. Once you quiet the noise, you’ll be surprised at just how close within reach these next steps really are. Don’t let anyone intimidate you into stagnation.

Capricorn: Last week’s New Moon challenged you to acknowledge your evolved values and guided you toward what makes you feel truly safe and supported. You’re now emboldened to apply discipline & focus to areas of study that can position you to best achieve these newly crystalized priorities. It may feel like you’re making up for lost time as you discover new layers of your passions. Stay present through each essential step. Take time this week to map out the details of expansive adventures ahead.

Aquarius: Recent self discoveries now inform your evolving patterns in business, sex, and partnership. Knowing yourself more thoroughly is opening up new doors to intimacy or collaboration that you hadn’t even imagined before now. Explore these possibilities with an open mind. Remain willing to listen carefully to the unique experiences and needs of your partner or lover. Invest in connections that enthusiastically welcome the whole of you to the table. 

Pisces:  New developments in your personal healing make way for further potential for productivity in your partnerships. If you find yourself comparing your progress to others, pause to investigate what specific goal it is you’re really longing to accomplish. Approach feelings of insecurity with a readiness to learn and adapt. Leave your expectations behind you as you take new steps as a team. Set aside time to catch up and create a concrete game-plan with collaborators this week .

Note to All Skymates: Establishing new patterns of discipline will naturally reinforce your self respect and self trust. Make a promise to yourself this week. Start small and build upon each step forward. Show up consistently, with enthusiasm to grow. Know that you get to start in a new direction at any moment.

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