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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 8.12 – 8.18

Reconnect with your motivation & momentum, Skymates! Jupiter, planet of abundance and wisdom, stationed direct on Sunday after a 4 month retrograde that began on April 10. The same day, Mercury moved into Leo and Uranus stationed retrograde. During Jupiter retrograde, hindrances to your mobility pushed you to reflect on the path of your growth and the factors within your control to maximize your impact moving forward. With Jupiter now direct and still at home in Sagittarius until December 2, it comes naturally to utilize your imagination for optimistic ambitions. Early this week, a Capricorn Moon in harmony with Neptune and aligned with Saturn & Pluto supports your commitment to worthy discipline. In the face of uncertainty, show the Universe how serious you are about your self-mastery!

On Thursday, an Aquarius Full Moon opposes the Leo Sun, revealing undeniable truths around the balance between individuality and teamwork. You’re reaching illuminating conclusions about your more resonant priorities and may feel the pressing need to make a statement, release your work, or step into the spotlight. Consider your goals 6 months ago, and think critically about whether you’re moving in the direction that best suits your purpose and priorities. Celebrate your progress, and then commit to intentional growth. Take initiative to adjust, when necessary. You’ll have support from Mars when it enters dedicated Virgo on Sunday. 

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Aries: You’re shining bright this week, whether you intend to or not! Stay diligent about your time and resources through the rush of attention. It’s imperative that you prioritize with intention in the face of the temptation of flattery or provocation. Remember that you have a master plan to work toward, and channel this energy in the direction of building toward your ambitious long-term goals. 

Taurus: As you receive the fruits of your labor over the past 6 months, a new sense of clarity washes over you about your professional next steps. Be sure to acknowledge and celebrate your wins and progress so far, before bounding forward. Consider what parts of your approach you hope to continue. Think about which patterns it’s time to leave behind in pursuit of aspirations more resonant to your purpose. 

Gemini: Pause to check your sources and consider your audience, as you may feel pressed to pass along news early this week. Investigate the true source of your urgency. You’re likely to discover that what you really want is to get away or expand your mind. Remain open to the possibilities of connection and influence. A chance encounter can guide you toward an entirely source of purpose in your life.

Cancer: Now is the time to make pleasure your priority, Cancer. The Full Moon in your sector of eroticism, intimacy and bonding brings a fiery focus to your passions this week. Be completely honest with yourself and others about what makes you feel good. If you’ve been faking your satisfaction, take this opportunity to start being real. Gravitate toward the places, people, and situations that make you feel most joyful. 

Leo: You’re incredibly influential over others this week, and should respect the responsibility of such power. Beware letting your confidence spill into an ego trip, as it could throw you off track from your true goals. Offer appreciation where it’s due. While in your element, you can attract a long-term partner in love, business, or creativity. Try not to let your assumptions keep you from discovering something magical. 

Virgo:  You’re a natural at sticking to a schedule, but be sure that your schedule is truly yours. Pause this week to make some meaningful changes to your daily routines that best support your needs and goals as an individual. Embracing a spontaneous spark of inspiration early this week can help you to recenter in your unique purpose, amidst the noise of external obligations. Start with your own goals first, out of love.

Libra: Embrace the swirling passion of romance and creativity as it awakens your inner child this week, Libra! Reach out to someone you love, or who you’ve been crushing on to tell them how you feel. Go on an adventure that calls to your curiosity. Keep a notebook close or take voice-notes of your ideas as they arise. Don’t hesitate to take time for yourself later this week if you feel the need to focus on healing. 

Scorpio: Make time to offer appreciation, attention, and love where it’s due, starting with yourself. Lean into sensual pleasures and restorative practices that make you feel replenished and put your mind, body, and spirit at ease. Know that the people in your life benefit enormously from you taking care of yourself. Consider what changes you’d like to make to your home to better support your needs as they evolve.

Sagittarius: You’re ahead of the curve mentally and creatively this week, attuned to a thread of electricity that not many can see. Honor your instinct as it strikes. Invest your time and energy wisely in the face of tempting distractions. Dive into intentional social situations with your boundaries and game-plan in place. Opportunities can come from unexpected places, so stay ready to make a lasting impression.

Capricorn: Get real about financial plans you’ve been mulling over these last few months. Set defined goals, and then take action this week to put them in motion. Embrace this turning point in your relationship with money, whether you feel ready or not. Pay attention to which relationships and situations reinforce your sense of security. Now is the time to build upon what makes you feel strong. 

Aquarius: You’re itching to link up with someone you can share your joy, love, and creativity with. As strong passions consume you, pause to consider the source of your attraction. A turning-point comes this week when you realize it’s imperative to your growth that you act on your boundaries and prioritize your needs. Notice who’s beside you when you invest your energies most intentionally. 

Pisces:  Healing revelations motivate you to take action in a new direction this week. There’s no need to shy away from intense truths. Embrace instincts to help others as it feels natural to you. Through helping others, you now tend to parts of yourself that have longed for healing. Don’t hesitate to switch your schedule around to better reflect your most resonant and personally rewarding priorities. 

Note to All Skymates: Take a purposeful risk in the spirit of your growth this week, SkyMates! Thoughts can only take you so far when it comes to bringing your dreams to life. In the face of uncertainty, know that your joy is worth the effort, time, and attention it will require to make it happen. 

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