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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 7.1 – 7.7

Let the truth to guide you to your purpose under the New Moon Solar Eclipse, SkyMates! Mars enters Leo on Monday, infusing action with bold confidence. Stand tall as you take definitive action toward what you want most. You may even feel inspired to show off a bit. Stay grounded in your purpose as you shine bright, dodging ego-fueled distractions along your path. Mars will transit Leo until August 18th. On Tuesday, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurs in Cancer, illuminating pathways to fresh beginnings involving home and family. You’re developing a more direct relationship to your intuition, and are discovering powerful new ways to speak and act on your evolved emotions. Gravitate toward relationships and situations that resonate deepest with your true purpose and needs as an individual. Build upon what makes you feel acknowledged, appreciated, and protected. 

Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday, offering a nurturing and protective energy in love relationships. You’re especially perceptive to emotional nuance and cautious of uncertainty. If feeling unsure about where you stand with someone, don’t hesitate to come right out and express your concerns. Suspend assumptions about what others may be going through, knowing that it may have nothing to do with you. Roll with the impulse to energetically prioritize your home space and inner circle while Venus transits Cancer until July 27. Set new plans in motion early this week, as Mercury retrograde begins on Sunday the 7th. 

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Aries: You’re feeling especially unapologetic from now until August 18, shining bright for all to see. Be sure to remain connected to your higher-mind motivations through it all, as influential personalities can either distract you from your purpose, or bring you closer to achieving your most ambitious goals this week. Explore new ways to promote your work, highlighting what sets you uniquely apart from the rest. 

Taurus: From now until August 18, you’re focused on major transformation in your home and inner circle. Now is the time to clean out the clutter and strengthen your foundation. You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve more than usual this week, so don’t hesitate to take care of yourself by surrounding yourself with those who make you feel accepted and safe. Reach out to loved ones to catch up & offer each other support. 

Gemini: Mars enters Leo this week, activating your community sector for the first time in a couple years. Your social life lights up with new connections & activity. Reunions with old friends or collaborators remind you of how wide-reaching your community really is. Update your web presence to better reflect your present-day goals. Later this week, roll with the impulse to get emotions or creative ideas off your chest through writing.

Cancer: It’s been a couple years since Mars occupied your values & income sector. You’re energized to make long-term plans toward financial growth and freedom. Write down professional & entrepreneurial ideas as they come to you, even if you’re not totally sure how to execute them yet. Update your web presence and resume to better reflect your present-day priorities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or reach out to potential collaborators.

Leo: From now until August 18, you can’t help but find yourself in the spotlight. Be incredibly clear with yourself & others about your specific goals. Others may shower you with opportunities, but some of what’s coming to you can distract you from your priorities. Save yourself time and energy by starting off solid on your desires and limits. Keep your foundation strong as you shine, never neglecting the seemingly less glamorous aspects of your process. 

Virgo:  Prioritize rest and healing while Mars activates your spirituality and endings sector for the first time in two years. Make room to explore and process your evolved emotions and beliefs. Don’t let others’ enthusiasm distract you from taking care of yourself. Revisiting old creative projects or emotional focuses can guide you to long-awaited healing. Take your time finding collaborators whose purpose resonates with yours. 

Libra: You’re in your element with the planet of action activating your technology and community sector for the first time in two years until August 18. Gravitate toward fun & productive collaborations aligned with your most resonant goals. You can find your dream-team almost by accident during this transit, simply by being in places where your enthusiasm naturally awakens. As you seek and build upon community, consider ways that you can be helpful to others. 

Scorpio: With the planet of action back in your career sector for the first time in two years, your professional plans are reinvigorated with laser-focused determination. Get your business plan air-tight and make moves. Simply by being authentically you, you can find ways to infuse stretches of hard work with organic, full-bodied fun. Be proactive about setting a new work rhythm in motion by the end of the week. 

Sagittarius: Your sights are set on major expansion and exploration. For a while now, you’ve been considering possibilities to take your dreams to a whole new level, but the circumstances haven’t been quite right. Hesitation fades away this week as your game-plan crystalizes. Now is the time to invest in yourself! Get your business plan ready, apply to school, sign up for a class, or take that trip you’ve been dreaming about.

Capricorn: This is no time for shallow encounters! Fiery passion & intimacy ignite your relationships this week, illuminating new potential for connection and energetic balance. Don’t be afraid to be completely honest with friends, lovers, or partners. Dive deep into intimate topics and desires, knowing that the truth will open doors to truer joy and pleasure for all involved. Relationships evolve into new or different roles as you illuminate a fuller truth of your connections. 

Aquarius: The demands or expectations of a larger community now fall second in priority to the significant partnerships in your life. You’re sparing your energy for what and who matters most, and it may interrupt an existing rhythm in your life. Take your time communicating your needs. Be direct and clear about your boundaries, expectations, and goals with partners, and keep an open heart as you listen to theirs.

Pisces:  Lean into the jolt of motivation that overcomes you this week, Pisces! New goals and challenges push you to work or train harder than you have before. Give some extra TLC to your mind and body, building upon what makes you feel steady, strong, and prepared. Put new goals in motion and get a rhythm going early this week before Mercury retrograde threatens to delay or interrupt your plans starting July 7.

Note to All Skymates: Don’t shy away from the intensity of the truth under this week’s eclipse. If you feel yourself about to react to familiar emotional triggers with a past pattern, pause to consider all of the options before you. The reflex to react the way you have in the past can prevent you from seeing a game-changing new or different approach that you can take now to move into truer alignment with your purpose. 

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