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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 6.3 – 6.9

Expand your mind and your social circle this week, SkyMates! The Gemini New Moon on Monday ushers in stimulating fresh starts in learning, communication, and collaboration. Your eyes open to the many options before you to share & build, which can feel a bit dizzying. Try to remain tethered to the facts and your unique goals as you explore the possibilities before you. Interactions spark your curiosities and can send you in an entirely new direction. Stay present, listen carefully, and embrace your multiplicitous nature through it all. When Mercury enters Cancer on Tuesday, you’ll feel especially intuitive to emotional nuance and motivations in communication. This sensitivity attracts you to personal intensity over bigger picture motivations.

On Thursday, Jupiter forms a restless sesquiquadrate with Uranus. You’re eager to make progress, and will have to make thoughtful changes to your personal behavior to get there. Be honest with yourself about your contributions and abilities. Resist the urge to make a big rebellious decision on impulse. The transformation you seek will be best achieved with patience and personal accountability. If feeling tempted to fall back on entitlement or assumptions of others, instead be sure that your steps forward empower you to be self-reliant. When Venus enters Gemini on Saturday, roll with your increased curiosity to explore socially and romantically. Know that there’s no need to over-promise or overexert yourself in the process of making new connections.

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Aries: This New Moon inspires a productive new era of collaboration and self expression for you. As you stand more confidently in your authentic intentions, you discover the many potential teammates and allies already within your reach. Don’t be shy about asking for advice or reaching out to make an introduction. Get together to brainstorm collective passion projects and share differing perspectives. Later this week, you discover powerful words to communicate your vision.

Taurus: You’re solidifying personal goals involving finance & security under Monday’s New Moon. Over the next 2 weeks, make productive changes to your daily habits that support this vision. Be honest with yourself about your current relationship to your work. You may realize it’s finally time to apply for your dream job, ask for a raise, or make an assertion toward new responsibilities in your current career. This could also be the beginning of an abundantly productive new professional partnership.

Gemini: The Gemini New Moon ignites an awakening of personal identity & agency for you. Now is the time to release limiting habits, mindsets, and obligations in exchange for expansion and purpose. Embrace your intuition as it pulls you in deeply resonant new directions. Make space to confront, identify, and heal through lingering insecurities or worries, so that you can move forward with a reinforced confidence. As the week progresses, you’re inspired to work toward budding financial goals.

Cancer: Over the next 2 weeks, focus on letting go of what’s weighing you down or holding you back. Instead of just going through the motions, make room to consider which habits and obligations are no longer healthy, or could be improved upon. Once you remove energy vampires from your life, your new freedom is thrilling and can even feel a bit intoxicating. Pour your inspiration into creative works, a personal passion project, or an affirming romantic partnership.

Leo: This New Moon, dive into a new era of intentional collaboration and social connection. Whether through technology or in person, be intentional about positioning yourself to connect with like-minded souls. Be clear on your boundaries with yourself and others. Over the next few weeks, you can completely transform your connection to community, on both small and larger scales. When you look ahead toward your 6 month goals, who do you see by your side?

Virgo:  This New Moon ignites your professional life, beginning a new era of ambition and achievement for you. Hard work of the past 6 months pays off as dreams for the next 6 months come into clearer focus. This is no time to go through the motions just to say you did. Carve out some time to consider your next moves down to specific detail. How can you bring deeper resonance to your career path? This next 6 month push will demand personal accountability and consistent discipline.

Libra: Brand new adventures call your name under this week’s New Moon. Whether you’re seeking to expand your mind, travel to a faraway destination, or to explore an untapped corner of your local community, embrace your instinct to leave your comfort zone behind. Over this next two weeks, explore your curiosities and the options before you. Make the most of this next chapter by showing up with discipline and the patience to plan ahead.

Scorpio: This New Moon ignites a personal sexual awakening for you. You’re drawn to attractions that inspire a deep spiritual resonance. This may be a turning point in an existing relationship that either pulls you closer into further mutual vulnerability, or repels you in a more intentional direction. Give yourself room to explore new corners of your desires with someone you trust. When you look forward 6 months, what does your ideal intimate relationship dynamic look like?  

Sagittarius: Whether single or committed, this New Moon signifies a new era of laser-focused intention in your romantic and business partnerships. You’re uninterested in shallow exchanges now. Soul-stirring connections call your name and alert you to your shared potential. Look forward 6 months and consider your ideal situation. Be specific as you envision the connections, allies, or lover/s that best support your personal needs and goals. When certain of what you want, take action to build toward that vision.

Capricorn: This New Moon lights a fire under you to make commitments to self improvement. Offer some extra attention to your mental and physical health this week. Try out a few new fitness routines until you find something that makes you feel most empowered. Don’t hesitate to protect this new space you’ve carved out for yourself. Consider what kind of discipline your 6 month goals will demand of you. Know that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel as you climb.

Aquarius: You’re finding effective new words to define and express your passions, which opens up all sorts of new doors toward pleasure and fulfillment for you. Don’t be afraid to ask specifically for what you want. Later this week, you may realize that, when it comes to certain cravings, you are the only one who can give you what you want. It’ll likely take consistent discipline to do justice to your vision. Offer yourself patience as you build toward sustainability.

Pisces: This New Moon inspires a transformation of your relationship to home. Look ahead 6 months at your personal goals, and envision the kind of home that best supports this ideal. Over the next 2 weeks, experiment with tangible ways to infuse more of your personal style & spirituality into your space. With Mercury in Cancer until June 26, your social life comes alive. Allow your authentic nature to shine through, as it’s sure to attract kindred spirits and influential personalities.

Note to All Skymates: As you navigate new connections, resist the impulse to project assumptions onto people. Allow them to reveal their unique nature to you before casting them into a role that feels familiar. Also, don’t hesitate to call people out when they’ve imposed assumptions upon you. Those learned limitations can hold you back from the true potential of your connection.

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