Pause to reconnect to reality if feeling tempted to act or speak on impulse this week, Skymates! This first full week of Cancer season begins with Venus forming a square to Neptune, planet of illusion, on Monday morning. Seductive possibilities catch your attention, potentially impairing your judgement if you aren’t careful. There are key differences between the facts before you and the embellished idea being sold to you. Be diligent not to overlook the truth in pursuit of a desirable fantasy. Neptune will remain retrograde until November 27, disrupting wishful thinking with revelations of reality.

Mercury enters Leo on Wednesday, igniting confident thinking and communication. Roll with inspiration to express yourself or perform your talents. You’re seeing your wide-reaching potential, and feel emboldened to push toward high achievement. Write down some of those big goals swirling around in your mind. If self-promoting, utilize this Leo energy by thinking of new ways to set yourself apart from the crowd. What makes you stand out?

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Aries: Don’t let a sugary-sweet interaction distract you from taking care of the details. You may feel tempted to make a promise that doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but can have long-term consequences for you. Take your time with decision-making. From this Wednesday until August 29, make space for free expression and creativity. Give your inner-child some wiggle room and document your experiences.

Taurus: Don’t let a strong impulse to help others override your foundational needs, Taurus! You may feel especially generous this week, but try to keep that within a realistic framework. If you get creative, you may find different ways to be helpful that don’t deplete your resources. From this Wednesday until August 29, give your home space and innermost circle some extra TLC. Reconnect with loved ones and show appreciation where it’s due.

Gemini: Distorted expectations in love and business relationships now hit a wall of reality. You may have fallen in love with an idea that you’re realizing doesn’t mesh with the holistic truth of your current situation. Consider the factors within your control and recenter. Don’t hesitate to be discerning about who you share your energy or resources with. From Wednesday until August 29, explore socially and mentally. Immerse yourself in new educational experiences.

Cancer: While it may come naturally to offer your time, abilities, or resources to others, pause to consider whether that interrupts your specific goals. You’re not obligated to fulfill others’ entitlements to you. Don’t hesitate to gently turn down an invitation because you need to rest or focus on some other essential priority in your life. From Wednesday until August 29, offer some extra attention and commitment to your short and long-term financial goals.

Leo: Communicate clearly with friends and loved ones this week, as needs, expectations, and intentions can be tough to interpret. Stay weary of situations where bad behavior is masked with frilly language or grandiose promises. Actions are what count when you really need someone. Be straightforward if you feel a boundary has been crossed. It’ll come especially naturally for you to speak boldly from the heart from this Wednesday until the end of august. Consider your timing, when you do.

Virgo:  Relationships surprise you this week, opening your eyes to potential that you had overlooked based on snap-judgements. An acquaintance can become a dynamic new professional collaborator or mentor, or an assumed enemy could end up evolving into a close friend or creative partner. From this Wednesday until August 29, be proactive about your healing and peace. Prioritize spiritually nourishing experiences, whenever possible.

Libra: Stand by your promises and obligations this week Libra. A convenient back-door may tempt you to dodge responsibility, but you’re better than that. Once you follow through on commitments, you can get to what’s calling your name over the horizon. From this Wednesday until August 29, assemble your dream team and zero in on a collective goal. Don’t hesitate to promote your work or message through new media.

Scorpio: You may have set rigid limitations on relationships that are now interrupted by the ringing truth of your passions. Are there stones yet unturned that you ignored in hopes of keeping things simple? Honor your parental impulse to protect yourself while also honoring the curiosities and affections of your inner child. Journal through these feelings. With commitment to balance, you can strike a creative rhythm that completely blows your mind.

Sagittarius: A joyous moment can skew your judgement in relationships early this week, if you’re not careful. Stay observant of peoples’ actions over their fancy words or grand promises. Don’t be shy about marketing your abilities and standing tall in your accomplishments. Update your website and social networks to better reflect your present-day priorities. You’ll encounter many possibilities to explore or learn from now through August 29.

Capricorn: Don’t let miscommunications fester this week, Capricorn. If you’re unsure about peoples’ intentions, ask them directly. Beyond that, there’s no need to spin your pedals worrying about what people are or aren’t saying. Make sure you’re on the same page as your team, and keep it pushing. Later this week, lean into your sensuality as it guides you to thrilling opportunities to connect romantically, creatively, or sexually.

Aquarius: Don’t let a seductive opportunity completely throw you off track from your purpose or long-term goals. Stand diligently by your boundaries, even when deviating looks delicious. Trust your intuition if you know it’s best to keep away from certain indulgent influences. With Mercury in Leo until August 29, you could attract a new creative partner, life-long friend, or soulmate into your life. Remain open to new kinds of connections that call to you.

Pisces:  Know that there’s no need to overexert yourself to fill others’ expectations. If you find yourself tempted to offer up more time or energy than is realistic, pause to consider the facts. Make sure you’re taking care of your basic needs first, out of love. From this Wednesday until August 29, focus on bringing more mindful organization to all areas of your life. Where are you wasting resources? Adjust to maximize your joy, productivity, and health.

Note to All Skymates: If you catch yourself getting caught up in a fantasy, consider what parts of that imagined world are calling to you so strongly. Think about ways you can bring parts of that dream into the real world. The result may look different than your original dream, but it can still satisfy your cravings in ways you hadn’t even thought possible before.

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