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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 6.17 – 6.23

Happy Full Moon, Skymates! The week opens with a Sagittarius Full Moon on Monday morning, igniting the authentic light within you. Epiphanies of identity and purpose challenge you to work toward a more mutually empowering balance of energies in your relationships. On Tuesday, Saturn sextiles Neptune, creating a harmony between structured and imaginative ways of thinking. You can discover tangible pathways within reach to bring a personal dream into the physical world. It’ll take discipline, patience, and optimism to push through, but you can persevere.

The summer solstice occurs on Friday, June 21, the same day Cancer season begins and Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces. Lean into what makes you feel at home while the Sun is in Cancer until July 22. Show love and appreciation where it’s due, set boundaries when necessary, and offer some extra TLC to your home space and chosen family. Don’t be afraid to hold your closest relationships to a standard that matches your spiritual evolution. Neptune will remain retrograde until November 27, disrupting fantasies in relationships with the hard facts. During this time, you can end patterns of suffering in relationships by transforming the dynamic or creating necessary space.

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Aries: Over the next couple weeks, get serious about plans to travel or expand your mind. Allow your inner child to thoroughly explore the options before you, and then choose a starting point. Be mindful to utilize all your available resources before overspending. You’ll feel especially introspective over the next 6 months, identifying deeply rooted emotional habits that you can transform or discard.

Taurus: The Full Moon on Monday awakens your inner romantic, calling you to indulge in sensual pleasures. Reach out to a special someone to fulfill one anothers’ fantasies. If you’re unsure of what you want, give yourself room over the next couple weeks to figure out what it is you’re craving in your intimate and sexual relationships. This next 6 months will challenge you to exercise more mindful social boundaries.

Gemini: This Full Moon electrifies your inspiration surrounding a budding or existing partnership. You hit a sweet spot of mutually supportive collaboration that showcases each individual’s unique talents. Stay present in the process, keeping note of what works, what doesn’t, and why. These lessons will soon come in handy. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if feeling curious or insecure. Set aside time this week to journal about your evolving central purpose.

Cancer: Lean into the rush of optimism and determination that swells within you under this week’s Sagittarius Full Moon. Take on a worthy challenge in health, fitness, or organization that calls to your purpose. Offer your mind and body some focused TLC. Over the next 6 months, you can solidify major lifestyle shifts that increase your overall quality of life. Take action to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing over the next couple weeks.

Leo: This week’s Sagittarius Full Moon unleashes a creative and romantic force within. Roll with spontaneous impulses to express your passions or take a creative leap of faith. You’re especially magnetic when enthusiastic in your element. Later in the week, make time to journal or talk through the ending of an emotional era with someone you trust. Your reputation can experience a boost over the next 6 months as you stand tall in your many forms of self-expression.

Virgo:  This Full Moon magnetizes you to relationships and circumstances that feel most like home to you. Reach out to catch up with your chosen family, or invite your inner circle over for a cozy get-together at your place. Later this week, you begin a 6 month journey of personal emotional evolution that will have a freeing effect on your relationships. Deeper understanding of your own patterns shines a light of compassion on your interactions with others.  

Libra: Walk and talk confidently in the spotlight this Full Moon. Position yourself to bump heads with like-minded souls and stand tall in your authenticity. You’re sure to attract fascinating personalities, and maybe even a life-long friendship. Over the next couple weeks, thoughtfully release creative works and passion projects. Thoroughly consider your audience and timing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone online or in your local community who can help you perfect your vision.

Scorpio: Building anticipation around your finances reaches a turning point as the Full Moon nudges you to take action. Get your ducks in a row over this next couple weeks to take major steps forward toward financial expansion. Reach out to ask questions or make a lasting impression. No one’s going to automatically give you exactly what you want, so stay proactive in the process of making it happen. Be specific about long and short-term goals.

Sagittarius: Major personal epiphanies awaken an urgency to act on your dreams and shake loose of anything that binds you. Step into an era of amplifying your authentic self louder than you’re used to. New understandings of yourself prompt you to communicate evolved values and priorities to your chosen family or to a roommate. Introduce new patterns into your relationships that accommodate more of your whole identity. Don’t apologize for who you are or what you need. All of you is worthy.

Capricorn: Make space for focus on healing and self-love over the next couple weeks. Honor your intuition in moments when you know you need to feel through something on your own. Consider what kind of emotional evolution you envision for yourself 6 months in the future, and what you can do in the coming weeks to set a proper foundation for that movement. Finally let go or set defined boundaries in areas of your life that feel draining.

Aquarius: Reach out to show appreciation for those in your community who make a difference in your life. Be especially intentional about the company you keep. Over the next couple weeks, get a dream-team together to brainstorm creative ideas. You could also discover your ideal collaborators remotely through the internet. Later this week, set aside time to zero in on your finance and health goals. Commit to discipline over the next 6 months.

Pisces: The past 6 months of foundation-setting in your career have prepared you for this next 6 months of professional expansion. Stay focused on your purpose throughout discussions about and around your work. Don’t hesitate to proudly market your abilities. It’s essential that you prioritize your emotional peace over the next 6 months. Make room to experiment and express yourself in new ways. You could stumble upon a masterpiece.  

Note to All Skymates: What does authenticity mean to you? If there are areas of your life that feel inauthentic, it will become undeniably clear to you under the Full Moon. Don’t be afraid to hear and react to this dissonance. Take action in a direction that brings you into further alignment with your true beliefs and purpose.

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