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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 6.10 – 6.16

Resist the urge to backslide, Skymates! We begin the week under a Virgo First Quarter Moon, motivated to take action in the spirit of realizing epiphanies experienced under the June 3 Gemini New Moon. Strong instincts to move toward personal growth are at odds with the delicious temptation of comfort or excess. Honor your intuition as it pulls you into a new level of personal accountability. This process of taking your vision from the imaginary into the physical world demands patience through the trial & error process. As you assert yourself, you’ll discover the consequences of each new action on your community as well as on existing ideas of normalcy. Trust yourself to navigate these sometimes awkward moments with integrity and adaptability.

On Saturday, Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius squares Neptune, planet of illusion, obscuring judgement. With Jupiter at home in Sagittarius until Dec. 2, you’re especially optimistic about growth potential within your reach. Now is the time along your ambitious journey to stay particularly diligent about basing your decisions on rock-solid facts. The attractive possibilities of a potential alliance or short cut can distract you from your true goals if you’re not careful. Take note of what valuable lessons there are to learn from a captivating interaction while standing by your boundaries.

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Aries: You witness impassioned opinions shooting back & forth early this week, and it tempts you to join in on the conversation. Consider whether your energy is best spend on this specific interaction, or if there’s a larger issue it can help you to address more efficiently. You can gain a valuable nugget of wisdom buried beneath emotional language if you’re looking for the truth. Later in the week, keep your boundaries clear when interacting with captivating personalities.

Taurus: Judgement and expectation are skewed for you in sex and romance early this week. Don’t let an intoxicating temptation pull you away from your more resonant sensual priorities. This weekend, be sure to communicate clearly with collaborators on upcoming changes before bolting forward. Strong impulses provoke you to act on a rush of optimism. Slow down to prepare a rock-solid game-plan. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or an extra opinion.

Gemini: Early this week, you experience a grounding moment with a partner that brings fantasy down to earth. Check in to restore balance and reaffirm your common goals. By this weekend, you find clarity about tangible next steps in the direction of your purpose. Admitting this truth to yourself holds you to a new level of accountability for your happiness and sense of personal fulfillment. Consider the kind of partnership or team that supports this direction.

Cancer: Pay attention to areas of your life where you feel yourself over exerting energy. Choose instead to move toward a more fulfilling exchange. Others may expect you to fulfill their familiar ideas of you, but their projections aren’t your concern. Set boundaries and tall in them. It’s a joyful relief to redirect that reclaimed energy toward passion and building. Invest in yourself and your purpose.

Leo: Early this week, a familiar emotional trigger brings up memories that perpetuate your insecurities. You have the power to respond to this pattern in a new way. Consider the solid facts in front of you rather than distorted perceptions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need more context or are feeling confused about next steps. Take tangible action toward self empowerment this week. Through repetition, you can build confidence where there once was weakness.

Virgo:  Early this week you’re challenged to weigh your personal aspirations against friends’ or peers’ expectations of you. Try not to compare your journey to others, or devalue your own desires out of habit. With patience and forethought, you can construct a game-plan that supports your more resonant goals, the priorities of a collaborator, and the needs of loved ones all at once. Reach out to your chosen family this week to reconnect and clear up miscommunications.

Libra: Bursts of inspiration may tempt you to overshare or overpromise prematurely. Remain present in your curiosity, knowing that what’s yours will always be yours. Take that optimism you’re feeling and channel it toward researching next steps toward self sufficiency. This weekend, honor your body’s needs. Take tangible action in support of the kind of healing or strength you crave. Also, be proactive about clearing up potentially incendiary miscommunications.

Scorpio: Exciting budding business possibilities have you itching to make lasting commitments fast. It’s possible your biased perspective has crucial blind-spots, so be diligent about covering all the details before making moves you can’t take back. You may face retaliation or criticism for standing by your boundaries, but stay true to your integrity. Beware the urge to splurge from a place of distracting yourself. Before breaking the bank, pause to consider if there’s something more resonant you desire.

Sagittarius: New Moon revelations from last week about your habits in partnerships now come into practice in your career. It’s time to put new discoveries into action. Consider your audience, timing, and priorities as you speak on your truth. Revealing your authenticity with intention and forethought will attract powerful collaborators or a possible mentor later this week. Proceed with caution and focused purpose.

Capricorn: Keep an honest dialogue going with your intuition this week. You may feel that it’s time to respond to a familiar emotional pattern with a healing new response. Don’t rush through that moment of dissonance. Pay attention to what imbalances your spirit hopes to correct, and commit to redistributing your energy. Other people may be confused at your change in behavior, but their opinions aren’t your concern. What do you need to do to heal or protect yourself?

Aquarius: Ego games tempt you to lower your standards in pursuit of external approval early in the week. If feeling provoked by a low-vibrational interaction, take a minute to breathe deep and reconnect to your purpose. Speak on what matters most to you and stand tall in your truth. Remember that what’s yours will always be yours. Later in the week, give your physical body some focused TLC.

Pisces: Adjust your expectations and your game-plan to accommodate a more whole picture of reality this week. Your connection to a fantasy can lead you astray if you aren’t careful, so be sure to base all decision-making on the true facts in front of you. A fascinating personality enters your orbit, offering information that distorts or disrupts a perceived normal. Let this be a starting point for you to find out more on your own, rather than get caught up in someone else’s spiral.

Note to All Skymates: When you look forward 6 months, what does your ideal life look, feel, sound, and taste like? Who’s by your side? What parts about it are most delicious? Be specific as you describe the details in your mind. This week, take tangible action in the direction of this vision.

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