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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.6 – 5.12

What would you do if you had no fear? Who could you be if you committed to exploring your infinite potential? These are key themes on our mind as we begin a new week, skymates! Simplifying makes room for you to feel free and confident this week. The recent New Moon revelations continue to wash over you, urging you to minimize distraction and waste in your life. When Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, you’re emboldened to speak loud and proud on what you know to be true. Stand tall as you explore newly discovered corners of your voice. Pay attention to your intuition when it comes to how much or how little to elaborate when dealing with different personality types. While you may feel an ego-driven craving to change minds or win an argument, stay grounded in your purpose. You can be incredibly productive by keeping your message brief and direct.  

A planetary square between Venus and Saturn on Tuesday alerts you to the importance of protecting boundaries between business and pleasure. You may realize that social dynamics are distracting you from productivity, or that it’s time to set new limits around money. Take a deep breath and commit to seeking lasting solutions. This is no time for temporary band-aids. It may demand some extra research or planning, but you can handle it all.

Ride the wave of inspiration when Mercury forms a semi-square to Neptune on Wednesday. A chance encounter or experience plants a seed of creative curiosity within your consciousness. You’re pulled to communicate and connect in ways you never have before. Resist the impulse to limit yourself before you’ve already begun as unusual ideas pop into your head.

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Aries: Having Mercury in your sign for the last few weeks sparked  imaginative ideas for personal expansion. With Mercury now moving into your values and security sector, you’re figuring out how realistic these ideas really are. Prioritize with intention as you pick a starting point. Consider the tools available to you now. Over the next couple weeks, research your plan of action to bring your vision to life.

Taurus: With Mercury in your sign over the next 2 weeks, your authentic voice attracts admirers, friends, and potential teammates. Make the most of this collaborative energy by positioning yourself to connect with like-minded souls. You can find fulfillment and success working on a collective passion project, and may even step into a leadership position. Be mindful of your influence and impact as you share strong opinions.

Gemini: Healing is your central priority while your ruler Mercury is in your endings & spirituality sector for the next couple weeks. Pay attention to how the  different relationships in your life make you feel. Be honest with yourself and others if it’s time to tend to an imbalance. Remember that the only healing you’re responsible for is your own. Fill your emotional cup first before offering your energy to others.

Cancer: Unusual personalities and possibilities lure you outside of your comfort zone for the next couple weeks. Stay mindful of your limits as you navigate new social situations. There’s no need to push yourself to a place of burnout to meet external expectations. No matter where you are, you are whole and you are enough. You may find yourself naturally stepping into a leadership position this week.

Leo: Check in with how aligned you feel in your career this week, Leo. With Mercury in your professional sector for the next 2 weeks, you can make an impactful and lasting impression that completely changes the game. Now is the time to ask for a raise, apply for your dream job, or proudly market your abilities. You can find potential teammates in unexpected places, so keep your elevator pitch on-hand.

Virgo: New experiences and destinations call your name over the next two weeks. When wanderlust overcomes you, take a deep breath and take time to prioritize before making a decision that depletes your resources. With a little patience, you can plan out a game-changing adventure aligned with your purpose. You may not even have to venture very far to achieve the exploration you crave.

Libra: With Mercury in your bonding sector over the next couple weeks, you’re focused on building upon intimacy in your life. You realize how reinforcing it can be to keep certain things sacred within your relationship rather than letting everyone in on the whole picture. Offer appreciation and affection where it’s due. Mid-week you may feel inspired to transform the status of a relationship.

Scorpio: You’re eager to seek a productive harmony in your partnerships, and are willing to make the first move toward collective healing. Lead with love as you tackle tricky subjects. Listen carefully rather than projecting your expectations. Speak clearly and confidently about what you need. This is a powerful time to negotiate, reconcile, or set boundaries. Know that you are whole and capable on your own.

Sagittarius: Make it your priority over the next 2 weeks to be timely & thorough with details. Having Mercury in your organization sector can help you find a unique flow that feels comfortably yours as you tackle responsibilities that don’t typically ignite your inspiration. You’ll be surprised at how much freedom you gain by intentionally planning ahead. Start where you are with what you have and take things 1 step at a time.

Capricorn: Mercury in your expression sector electrifies your creative voice and sense of style over the next couple weeks. You’re also feeling especially confident and curious when it comes to love. Give voice to your passions as they arise. Pour your emotions into a creative outlet you’ve never tried before. You may stumble upon a masterpiece in the process of speaking your mind.

Aquarius: Your bustling social life slows down over the next two week as your focus zeros in on home and foundation. Tend to your sacred space with love. Mercury offers confidence and ease toward potentially difficult conversations with family or a roommate. Be honest and direct. Once your batteries are recharged, invite a couple of your closest friends over for a cozy night in.

Pisces: Embrace a sense of adventure in your social life over the next couple weeks.  If you find yourself bored with your routine, be assertive about switching things up.

Position yourself to connect with new and different kinds of personalities. You’re open to romance in forms that usually aren’t on your radar. You may not have to venture very far physically to end up in an entirely different world.

Note to All Skymates: A healthy amount of tunnel vision will save you loads time and energy. Stay mindful of moments when your cravings for external validation interrupt your process or your purpose. There’s no need to give fickle opinions the power to stifle your movement.

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