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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.27 – 6.2

How can you bring your actions into further alignment with your goals, SkyMates? The week begins with an urgency to take action toward revelations discovered under the Scorpio Full Moon on May 18. React to your evolved truth by simplifying and following through on final decisions. This is a powerful time to focus on completing projects in motion rather than starting up something entirely new. Opposition between Mercury and Jupiter mid-week shatters fantasy and encourages you to make adjustments that accomodate reality. Get a momentum going in a more purposeful direction so that by next week’s New Moon, you’ll be ready for a fresh cycle of new beginnings.

On Wednesday & Thursday, Venus harmonizes with Neptune and North Node, awakening your desire to connect with unusual personalities. Individuals who are especially vibrant or confident spark your curiosity in ways you might normally overlook. Stay present and try not to place too many assumptions on others. A trine between Venus and Saturn on Thursday and Friday supports movement toward maturity in existing relationships. Take the opportunity to restore balance by bringing up necessary issues. You’ll be most productive in finding solutions by minimizing emotional language and keeping focused on the raw facts.

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Aries: New information sparks your curiosity so strongly that you may feel compelled to make an impulse decision or purchase early in the week. Don’t let your fantasy distract you from the real possibilities in front of you. Offering attention to some of the less glamorous aspects of bringing your dreams to life can completely change the game for you this week. Make the most of your time, energy, and resources by resisting low-hanging fruit.

Taurus: Be mindful of how much you’re spending, where, and why. With some honest reflection, you can be more purposeful and self-empowered in deciding where your money goes. You may feel tempted to break your budget to impress others or put a bandaid on an issue that requires more attention. Instead, ground yourself in reality and act with integrity. Later in the week, make a mindful investment in long-term sustainability.

Gemini: Ride the wave of confident self-appreciation this week, Gemini. Let it guide you to experiences, relationships, and commitments that meet you at this high vibration. Mid-week, hold off on bringing down the hammer on someone based off of limited information or assumptions. Try to stay focused on the facts at hand as you work toward common ground. Know that you don’t have to overexert yourself to accommodate anyone’s expectations.

Cancer: Take initiative to set boundaries this week that allow you the space and energy to prioritize your health and work goals. Don’t allow others’ expectations of you sideline your needs. Check in with your body and mind. What activities make you feel strong? Try out a new fitness routine that sparks your inspiration. Also, consider your environment. What circumstances in your work environment help you to feel supported and focused? Do what you can to create these conditions for yourself.

Leo: While you may feel at ease among like-minded souls this week, don’t lean on assumptions to guide long-term decisions and commitments. Take initiative to thoughtfully address confusion rather than allow a miscommunication to turn into gossip. Allow yourself permission to consider whether your current teams are still truly resonant with your purpose. Update teammates on your evolved goals or needs and hear out their thoughts as well.

Virgo: As you extend your reach in your professional life, be mindful that you aren’t overlooking untapped potential within your immediate network. Mutually beneficial opportunities to collaborate are likely right under your nose. Keep an open mind while exploring these possibilities. The spotlight finds you in unexpected places this weekend, so put your best foot forward. When romance knocks, lean into your passion.

Libra: A yearning to travel and expand is at odds with the realities of your responsibilities this week. Consider ways that you can simplify to accommodate your dreams. Later in the week, a fresh perspective opens your eyes to possibilities within reach that can quench your thirst for adventure or knowledge. This weekend, you’ll find the words to describe or contextualize strong building emotions. Make room in your life to express these intense feelings.

Scorpio: Your cravings and higher wisdom may be at odds this week, but stay rooted in your purpose through it all. Be mindful of overindulgence or unhealthy obsession. Work toward pulling things back into a more self-empowering balance in those moments. You are more powerful than your impulses. Consider the motivation behind these cravings and do a deeper dive on whether there’s some necessary healing to work toward.  

Sagittarius: While you may feel incredibly inspired by the potential of new partnerships in your life, be sure not to make any lasting agreements or decisions based on assumptions. There’s no need to diminish your own opinion because of feelings of intimidation or comparison. Take time to explore and research your options before sprinting ahead. This is a powerful week for you to actively restore balance in your committed relationships.

Capricorn: Constructive criticism comes your way this week along your personal self-improvement journey. Try not to let your pride distract you from the valuable truth to learn from this information. Is there a smarter way to work toward your goals? Mid-week, be real with yourself about whether everyone on your team (including yourself) is truly a purposeful fit. Entertain possibilities to realign yourself with a team whose common goals are more concentrated.

Aquarius: This is no time to fall back on assumptions or feelings of professional entitlement. Reinforce your pitch or project with all the extra love and attention you’ve got. Opportunities arise at a moment’s notice this week to make a stellar impression that opens doors in your career. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready on the spot. Later in the week, it comes naturally to explore emotionally vulnerable topics in-depth with those you trust.

Pisces: Take initiative to restore balance at home and with loved ones. Set boundaries where there once was resentment. Hold yourself accountable in areas that inspire guilt for you, so that you can move forward with self respect. Later in the week, new perspective on your professional trajectory alerts you to past decisions you would handle differently now. Let this fresh insight guide your present-day movement rather than discourage or distract you.

Note to All Skymates: Take stock of tools within reach to you now as you reflect and act on your Full Moon discoveries. Know that you are capable and overflowing with potential. If feeling stuck, shake up your regular routine in the spirit of Gemini season.

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