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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.20 – 5.26

Open your eyes to the infinite potential around you, SkyMates. The week begins with Venus parallel to Uranus, attracting you to romance and creativity outside of your usual radar. Revelations of Saturday’s Scorpio Full Moon shifted your perspective in ways that now reveal possibilities that you hadn’t even imagined for someone like you. Make room in your life for exploration and experimentation in areas you once restricted yourself. Roll with the instinct to bring your actions into further alignment with your evolving beliefs.

On Tuesday, Mercury returns home to Gemini as Gemini Season begins. The Moon also enters Capricorn that morning, supporting confidence and forethought as you craft your message. Actively explore new clarity around communication and studies as epiphanies arise. Let these discoveries touch your life in tangible ways. Be proactive in expressing your intention rather than assuming that other people will automatically get where you’re coming from. Reach out to clear the air around potentially damaging miscommunications as you you reach new understandings. Consider the timing and audience when you speak on your truth.

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Aries: Follow through on lingering responsibilities involving finances & security early this week. When the Sun and Mercury enter your community sector on Tuesday, it’ll be tough to focus. You’ll notice all sorts of possibilities for connection that you previously overlooked. Follow your intuition to ask questions or reach out to someone new. This Gemini season, you could expand your chosen family or write something that speaks to a whole community of kindred spirits.

Taurus: Close out your season with a bang early this week, Taurus! Celebrate how far you’ve come and this new year of life with those who matter most to you. When the Sun and Mercury move into Gemini on Tuesday, you’ll see the practical realities of acting on revelations reached under the Scorpio Full Moon. When you’re this certain of what you want, the only option is to buckle down and plot out your plan of action. Cut out distraction and get to work.

Gemini: Be proactive in acting on recent revelations around healing early in the week so that you can step into Gemini Season and this new year of life with a light heart and your full focus. Clear out physical and emotional clutter. When the Sun and Mercury move into your sign, focus on loving yourself and exploring the expenses of your identity. Consider the voice you use to speak to yourself. Later in the week, get real about your professional aspirations.

Cancer: An especially social month for you slows down as the Sun and Mercury enter your privacy sector this week. Make room to focus on personal healing. What habits or unbalanced relationships is it time to let go of in pursuit of personal evolution? If you find that you’ve remained in a situation that drains you just to keep someone else comfortable, now is the time to speak on your truth and adjust accordingly. Take initiative to apologize, set boundaries, or say goodbye.

Leo: Put in work early this week before the Sun and Mercury enter your collaborative sector on Tuesday. Give 100% to your solo and foundational work, as it’s sure to attract like-minded thinkers and teammates throughout Gemini season. This week you’ll discover possibilities for collaboration that seriously benefit all involved. Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential collaborators or market your work. Update online profiles to reflect your growth.

Virgo: A period of indulgence comes to a close for you early this week. Recent exploration now informs your professional trajectory, as you get clear on evolving professional goals. Do some research and consider potential allies or teammates in your orbit before attempting to reinvent the wheel on your own. This weekend, you reach a turning point in a partnership that either reinforces your bond or signals the end of an era together.

Libra: Ask that pressing question that’s been on your heart or speak up about something you’ve been meaning to say to someone you love early this week. Reach out to express just how much a close relationship means to you. When the Sun and Mercury move into your exploration sector on Tuesday, you’ve got your sights set on fresh horizons and experiences. If feeling especially curious about a pressing topic, seek out the perfect book or class to learn more.

Scorpio: New clarity around the intricacies of experience in your intimate relationships sparks a sense of urgency to address topics avoided in the past. You’ll see areas where you made assumptions based on fantasy, and can replace those imbalances with a sturdier sense of authentic connection. While it may interrupt what you’re used to, Mercury’s homecoming guides you toward a romantic life rooted in a more holistic and resonant truth.

Sagittarius: Follow-through on commitments and put finishing touches on projects you’ve been working on throughout Taurus Season early this week. There are experiences you’ve got to get through on your own first so that you can bring 100% to partnerships to come. Gemini Season will be about maximizing your potential in collaborations. Show appreciation for the teammates in your life who support your purpose.

Capricorn: Complete creative projects, reach out to a crush, or act on instincts to express yourself early this week before the Sun & Mercury move out of Taurus and into your health & organization sector. New clarity around your goals encourages you to implement fresh discipline and planning in your daily routine. Whether in work, health, or fitness, don’t be afraid to try new and different methods of building toward the results you desire.

Aquarius: Finish up projects and responsibilities at home & with family early this week to make room for free-flowing expression. You won’t want to worry about lingering obligations during Gemini Season, so do your future self a favor and tie up loose ends. As the Sun and Mercury enter your romance sector, indulge your inner child’s curiosities. Lean into what brings you joy and inspiration. The Universe is on your side to tap into and communicate complex universal experiences.

Pisces: An especially social period for you quiets down as your focus zeros in on home and your innermost circle this week. What new self discoveries have you not yet translated to your sacred home space? Make changes that support your evolved needs, goals, and preferences. Reach out to loved ones to reconnect and support one another. Later in the week, consider whether your personal style and outward appearance truly reflect where you’re at in life.

Note to All Skymates: Get clear with yourself on your goals and limits before diving into completely new experiences. Prepare for what you can, but know that in a totally new situation, you’ll eventually have to trust your instincts. A little organization and forethought go a long way toward grounding you in your purpose along your journey.

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