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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 5.13 – 5.19

Keep an honest dialogue going with your intuition this week, Skymates. The Sun forms a quincunx to Jupiter on Monday that brings you to a crossroads moment along your path. New clarity around values, money, and access now complicate a former assumed normal in your life. Trust yourself to evolve as you define your beliefs. Don’t shy away from personal accountability. Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages and rewards commitment to authenticity.

On Wednesday, Venus enters Taurus and Mars enters Cancer. Venus in grounded Taurus attracts you to consistency & sensuality in love relationships. Utilize the senses to set the mood you desire with a lover or loved one. Resist impulses to possess or control others in your pursuit of deeper intimacy. With Mars moving into Cancer the same day, motivations are deeply connected to your ever-evolving emotions. Know that your sensitivity is a superpower rather than an obstacle. Pause to take a deep breath in moments when feeling tempted to react without intention.

A Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on Saturday, May 18. Think back to your goals and revelations 6 months ago under the corresponding Scorpio New Moon. This Full Moon highlights realizations around give and take in your habits and relationships. Honor your emotional discoveries as they arise. Speak them aloud. Write them down. Identify emotional dissonance or imbalances and commit to seeking further peace. Embrace inspiration to make changes that preserve your inner sense of balance. That will mean simplifying in some areas and building in others.


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Aries: After a few weeks of some romantic chaos, your emotional world settles toward stability. You now crave love and connection expressed through consistency and shared peaceful moments. Small, profound acts of love that bring you the most joy might not mean much to someone else, but they don’t have to. Show appreciation where it’s due and savor the sweet times with those you life.

Taurus: Your sensuality and confidence are intoxicating as Venus moves into your sign until June 8. This is no time to hide how you’re feeling. People may expect a lot from you this week, but don’t let anyone coerce you into dishonoring your boundaries. You are not responsible for fulfilling others’ expectations of you. The Full Moon on Saturday illuminates revelations and turning-points you must address in your partnerships.

Gemini: Rose-colored glasses may tempt you to gloss over reality in relationships that make your heart flutter. Stay mindful not to project the credit for your hard-earned personal growth on those you care about. Offer yourself the love you crave. This is the end of an emotional era, as you discover new language for your experiences and new tools for dealing with similar obstacles ahead.

Cancer: Whether you like it or not, you’re sure to attract a lot of attention this week. Embrace a spontaneous calling to do something social. You could meet a life-changing romantic partner or find yourself among deeply resonant new friends. A rush of confidence mid-week encourages you to revisit an old passion project with all the new wisdom you’ve picked up since your last attempt.

Leo: Get your dream team together while keeping your personal boundaries sturdy. If all the necessary players aren’t yet assembled, now is the time to be proactive about reaching out to the right people. Be humble, honest, and transparent as you interact with potential collaborators. While you’re especially professionally assertive this week, you can also make incredible emotional progress toward healing.

Virgo: You’re especially attracted to connections that support your freedom. You may find new love in unusual places or revive the spark of an ongoing romance with an extraordinary shared adventure. A bustling social calendar encourages you to address lingering conflicts head-on. Go into uncomfortable conversations with a specific goal to work toward, rather than a vague desire to be right.

Libra: Stay mindful of your expectations of others and your active imagination this week. You may be tempted to make lots of assumptions based on a stellar first impression. Stick to the hard facts when it comes to decision-making. Take your time building trust through mutual persistent action. This Full Moon, stand tall in your accomplishments. Ask for a raise, apply for your dream job, or start your business.

Scorpio: From now until June 8, an exhilarating partnership blooms & expands. A new teammate may enter your life, or a an existing partnership could transform into new areas of collaboration. Remain rooted in the present as you face completely new obstacles. The Scorpio Full Moon encourages you to stand tall and proud in your truth. Sharing your story will feel powerful and could change someone’s life for the better.

Sagittarius: Slow down to smell the roses along your journey. Take your time addressing details, despite any temptation to speed through the less glamorous bits. You’ll be surprised at how much beauty and joy you discover when living fully in the present. Sensuality and passion are sure to strike at unexpected times this week. Don’t hesitate to fly solo when you need to recharge.

Capricorn: Step into the spotlight & actively pursue your passions this week. Position yourself to connect with others in ways that are most meaningful to you. You’re sure to make an unforgettable impression when unapologetically standing tall in your truth. By the Full Moon on Saturday, you discover new potential or a turning-point in your partnerships. Prioritize collaboration that is balanced and fulfilling.

Aquarius: Slow down to recharge and replenish your mind, body, and spirit this week. Tend to your sacred home space in ways that support your needs as well as your sensual tastes. Check in with your body and with your emotional relationship to your physical form. Try out new a new workout that resonates with your personal style and ability level. The Full Moon reveals fruits of your dedicated hard work.  

Pisces: Embrace the craving to explore socially. You’re sure to make inspiring and perspective-shifting connections along your path. Fresh interactions urge you to add more variety to your consistent community. If feeling conflicted about lingering disagreements with someone you care about, this is a powerful time to revisit touchy subjects with compassion and patience.

Note to All Skymates: The Scorpio Full Moon will reveal truths that illuminate dissonances with your current perceived sense of normal. Don’t fight that discomfort. Listen to it. Ask it what it is and what it needs. Be a loving parent to your subconscious as you uncover deeper honesty within.

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