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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.8 – 4.14

As the week begins, you’re still processing discoveries reached under last friday’s Aries New Moon. Inspiring revelations that first intimidated you now actively pull you out of your comfort zone. It surprises you just how confident you feel stepping into the unknown. Lean into your bravery when it taps you on the shoulder. Extend yourself toward resonant new challenges and opportunities as they arise. Stay mindful of any feelings of personal entitlement, knowing that you are no less or more capable than others.

When Jupiter goes Retrograde in Sagittarius On Wednesday, it may feel as though your luck slows down. The fresh starts you crave may require more persistence and patience than you first anticipated. Chance circumstances complicate your long-term plans, but don’t let that discourage you from continuing forward. Your imagination is hyperactive. Try to keep that creativity focused on problem-solving rather than worry spiraling. Over the next four months, you’ll have to do some backtracking to identify and move away from destructive patterns. Lessons learned during Jupiter Retrograde will help you to attract abundance more freely in the long-term, although it may feel humbling and disorienting in the moment. Hang in there, Skymate!


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Aries : Since the New Moon in your sign on Friday, you’ve reached a new level of self-acceptance and self-love that leaves no room for petty ego games. It’s helping you to be more compassionate to others’ quirks or unpredictable qualities. You’re also acknowledging the expanses of your dreams more fully. Admit what you want and hold yourself accountable for making it happen. You are ready!

Taurus : For the next four months, you’ll have no choice but to face subconscious passions. Follow the impulse to further explore creative inclinations and your true motivations for connecting. You can completely transform the way you navigate your partnerships. Move confidently toward truer freedom and authenticity. Don’t shy away from intimate heart-to-hearts. Ask specific questions and listen with an open mind.

Gemini : Your committed relationships and partnerships face frictions that challenge all parties to deal with a more full and honest reality. Address assumptions with a commitment to get to the raw truth. If you find yourself thinking of what other people should do, turn it back around on yourself, knowing that you are powerful. Remember that you have agency and must choose what to accept and engage with.

Cancer : You’ve taken on new responsibilities and commitments since Jupiter entered Sagittarius in November, and now must make adjustments to preserve balance in your life. Focus on what’s in front of you now rather than the fantasy in your mind. Do what you can with what you have, offering yourself love and encouragement at every turn. Resist temptations to skip over essential steps in the process.

Leo : It may feel as though your creative juices are slowing down while Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius for the next four months. If you find yourself seeking inspiration, look to the specific experiences of personal heroes. Put in some focused time to work on your craft before releasing your work or forcing a connection. Know that ebb and flow is inevitable. Even your more low-key times can still be fun and enriching.

Virgo : Things are piling up at home and it’s time for you to clear out all the clutter. You’ll see ways you’ve overextended yourself, and can now commit to moving toward a more balanced exchange of energies. Focus on minimizing your waste of resources, space, and time. Start at home and in your inner circle. You’ll be amazed at the ripple effect these changes have in your life and in your community.

Libra : Miscommunications and false expectations make it clear to you that it’s time to address your habits in relationships and communicating. The truth complicates your imagined fantasy. If you find yourself pointing the finger, consider your own contributions to the dynamic. Consider assumptions you’ve placed on others, and commit to keeping a more open mind here forward. When dealing with sensitive topics, only speak on the facts.

Scorpio : Jupiter in Sagittarius has attracted you to many expansive opportunities to grow your personal wealth. This next four months will be a period of implementing new discipline into this growth. Cut back on wasted resources and energy. Pour time and love into perfecting your craft, learning new skills, and generally strengthening your foundation. Set short and long term financial goals, and take action to get started.

Sagittarius : You’ll feel the disorienting effects of Jupiter Retrograde strongest this week. Stay rooted in your integrity throughout uncertainty. Do your best to consider your audience before speaking impulsively. Over the next four months, tend to areas of your life where you are habitually wasteful or excessive. It’ll make room for all sorts of abundance that you hadn’t even imagined possible before.

Capricorn : Since the New Moon, you’ve come to new understandings of your evolved needs and boundaries in your home. What once felt comfortable now sets off a siren in your mind. It’s time to finally address lingering traumas or worries head-on so that you can move from a mindset of survival to a confidence in thriving. Make changes in your home and habits. Don’t hesitate to keep things low-key while you focus on healing.

Aquarius : You’re brought face to face with the realization that you misread a collaboration or social situation. You’ll see ways that you made false assumptions in the past, and will have opportunities to instead deal with a more full reality. It may feel like an awkward adjustment, but know that you’re picking up tools that will help you to relate, communicate, and collaborate stronger from here forward.

Pisces : Twists and turns in your career challenge you to re-evaluate your specific goals and adjust your approach. Since Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, you’ve attracted new growth in your professional life. Don’t let inevitable obstacles keep you from maintaining this expansion. Over this next four months, offer focused dedication to strengthening your foundational habits. Let your love guide you rather than your pride.


Note To All Skymates : When dealing with unexpected circumstances, hold off sharing your reactions publicly until you’re healed. Offer yourself the gift of forethought. Even in a crisis, you can keep your actions and impact aligned with your true goals.


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