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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.29 – 5.5

It’s officially retrograde season, which is an absolutely normal astrological phenomenon that there’s no reason to freak out about. This week’s about mellowing out and trusting your instincts as you intentionally create the life of your dreams. Embody bold bull tenacity as this next phase of retrograde season demands your dedication, Skymates! Saturn begins a 4 ½ month retrograde on Monday, encouraging you to reflect on your patterns of discipline, health, and organization. Commit to upgrading your habits & simplifying. When you hit a familiar wall, carefully backtrack to identify key weaknesses in your approach in the past. It may feel like your progress slows down during Saturn retrograde despite your hard work, but know that changes you make now will set the groundwork for heightened success to come. Capricorn’s pragmatic influence on Saturn helps you to keep focus on the details of building up your strategy rather than dwelling on what could have been.

On Wednesday, Uranus forms the last semi-square with Neptune of a set that began in August 2017. This meeting of the planet of rebellion and the planet of illusion can distort your judgement if you aren’t diligently committed to the facts. Lean into strong feelings of inspiration with a perspective rooted in reality. Commit to long-term growth, knowing that you are capable.

The New Moon in Taurus on Saturday offers the perfect boost of confidence toward diving into these new commitments. Check in with your body and your financial habits under the New Moon. Don’t be afraid of a challenge that can make you stronger or better prepared. Gravitate toward relationships, experiences, and new habits that reinforce your motivation and sense of security. In the process, you’re likely to evolve your relationship to material possessions.

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Aries: Resistance in your career challenges you to address changes of heart or lingering self-sabotaging habits. Approach insecurities or weaknesses head-on. Identify them for what they are. Research ways that people have bounced back from these similar obstacles before you, and consider ways to put your unique spin on it. Give yourself room to readjust your career toward a truer alignment with your purpose.

Taurus: Restrictions to your mobility challenge you to regroup and do some more research before setting out on your next great adventure later this year. It can also push you to fine-tune your personal sense of morality and accountability. Be mindful of your audience when speaking on your honest goals and opinions. Reserve some me-time to dream and pamper yourself under the New Moon in your sign on Saturday.

Gemini: Monday is the beginning of a 4 ½ month period of reflection and healing in your intimate partnerships. Remain open to vulnerability and transparency as you pursue the kind of healthy and productive partnerships you deserve. Be thorough in identifying collective goals, passions, and limitations. Don’t hesitate to explore your sexual cravings. Be intentional and particular about who you commit to.

Cancer: A dose of reality complicates fantasy in your professional and financial partnerships. It becomes necessary to slow down on shared projects to establish new boundaries and specify defined collective goals. You could also realize that a creative of professional relationship is simply too unbalanced to continue for now. Take a step back to clarify what you need and can improve upon in partnerships to come. 

Leo: Reality checks Early this week signify that it’s time to implement more consistent and focused discipline toward your goals in work, health and fitness. Pay close attention to your body’s needs. Take your time over the next 4 ½ months letting productive new habits set in. You’ll likely go through a process of trial and error. Don’t rush through it. Stay present in the process, absorbing each essential lesson along the way.

Virgo: Take your time bringing your public persona and creative voice up to date with your evolved wisdom and priorities. Obstacles or frustrations early this week alert you to the importance of intention and focus when expressing your most passionate opinions and dreams. Over the next 4 ½ months, carefully consider how to intentionally present your authentic vision to the world.

Libra: Your home-base, family, and inner circle are bustling with activity and friction for the next 4 ½ months. Clashes of expectation alert you to imbalances that you must address and correct. There’s no need to dodge accountability or overextend yourself to compensate for others’ expectations. You can completely transform familial bonds during this retrograde if you’re willing to be vulnerable when it counts.

Scorpio: On Monday, a 4 ½ month period of evolving your communication and priorities in social interactions begins. It may feel disorienting to discover that a relationship or relationships no longer fulfills you in its current state. Keep an honest dialogue open with your intuition and don’t be afraid to hold yourself accountable in new ways. The Taurus New Moon presents opportunities to share resources and insights.

Sagittarius: A 4 ½ month period of being more intentional and disciplined about your finances begins on Monday. Welcome new challenges with the knowledge that you are more than capable of making lasting positive changes. Be honest with yourself about areas of your life where you need to simplify. The New Moon this weekend reinforces your commitment to plan ahead and save your resources for what matters most.

Capricorn: When your ruler Saturn begins a 4 ½ month retrograde in your sign on Monday, you’ll sense an urgency to simplify creatively, physically, and socially. Zero in on the essentials. Prioritize rest. Make the most of Saturn retrograde by taking your time updating & specifying your goals. Thoroughly research your options and approach. By the time Saturn goes direct on September 18, your game-plan will be impenetrable.

Aquarius: A 4 ½ month period of unearthing and working through deeply buried emotions begins for you on Monday. The lesson repeats itself until learned, so resist the urge to plug your ears and shield your eyes when a familiar emotional sting comes over you. Stay present in how you feel and keep a loving, honest dialogue open with your inner child as you heal beyond yesterday’s baggage.

Pisces: It’s time to upgrade your professional image and message, especially as it relates to technology. Take time researching and considering how to most effectively get your intention across while showcasing your unique strengths. There’s no need to rush. Revamp your website or social profiles to match your evolved energy and priorities. You may also think up a game-changing technology-based passion project.

Note To All Skymates: Don’t underestimate the unique joys to be had & lessons to be learned while slowing down to regroup. Document your reflection process as it evolves. By the time momentum starts picking back up in mid-September, your adventures during this time of building will fuel and inform your ascension into the next level.

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