The Moon moves into Virgo on Monday, encouraging persistence and attention to detail. If you find yourself overexerting your energy, stop to ask yourself why. Organize and simplify parts of your life that feel chaotic. When Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday, you’re eager to seek conclusions and resolutions. It comes naturally to explore uncharted territory in communication, especially in the spirit of collective growth. Consider of your context & audience as you bring up concerns and ideas you may have never discussed before.

On Friday morning, a refreshing Libra Full Moon highlights your progress in balancing needs of the self with the needs of others. Revelations of your patterns of energetic exchange with your world now empower you to take more mindful action here forward. This Full Moon supports incredibly productive conversations and negotiations, so don’t hesitate to communicate your needs and priorities.

Venus moves into Aries on friday, encouraging a fiery confidence in love, creativity and sex. You’re comfortable being blunt about how you feel, which can either inspire intense intimacy or a choice to distance yourself. Taurus season begins the same day, grounding you in your pride, loyalties, and most sturdy beliefs. Focus turns to long-term goals and earned trust. Lean into what makes you feel strong and safe without making it about ego or possessiveness.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Be honest about what you’re willing to give, share, and take to avoid resentment. People won’t know what you want until you speak up. If you’ve allowed an unbalanced dynamic to become normal in your life, take active initiative to start a new rhythm. By the weekend, you’ll see the expansive potential of a blooming partnership. Be completely honest with each other from the beginning to build a foundation of rock-solid trust.

Taurus: Mixed signals in your relationships encourage you to pursue the real truth early this week. Don’t let fragmented or gossip-y information send you on a worry spiral. Reach out to ask direct questions or clear the air as Aries season comes to a close. When the Sun moves into your sign on Saturday, your sturdiest convictions guide you to take bold new steps forward toward your dreams. Happy Taurus Season!

Gemini: Resist the urge to exaggerate or over-promise in your career early this week. Pour that pride into making your work and your delivery airtight instead. Don’t be afraid to let people know you need more time or tools to accomplish their expectations. Under the Full Moon this weekend, you’ll naturally find the spotlight when living authentically in your passion. Share your work, express yourself creatively, and let your inner child run free.

Cancer: Early this week, you’re alerted to areas of your life where you may have invested too heavily in fantasy. Actively make changes that better support you in handling the true full reality. Know that with some patience, you can recalibrate instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Under the Full Moon, turn your attention toward making your home a sacred place that replenishes and inspires you.

Leo: You’re attracting all sorts of attention and passion early this week. Know that you are not obligated to open up just because people express curiosity. Let connections develop organically rather than making too many assumptions based on introductions. Under the Full Moon, you’re motivated to prioritize those you’ve built a solid foundation of trust and respect with to catch up, clear the air, or apologize.

Virgo: You may feel especially sensitive about someone else’s choices early this week. Resist the urge to scold or shame based on your personal expectations, especially before you’ve had a change to have an honest conversation. Under the Full Moon, reap the fruits of your hard work to establish more solid security in your life. Not having to worry about certain details frees you up to take on a passion project or a hobby you’ve missed.

Libra: Resist the impulse to stretch the truth early this week. You may think exaggerating will open doors, but you’ll go light-years further staying honest at every step along your path. Take the opportunity to admit to & apologize for lies in the past. You’ll be surprised and just how welcomed your truth is. Under the Full Moon in your sign, embrace the spotlight. Release a passion project, tell someone how you really feel, and shine bright in your fullness.

Scorpio: Pay attention to your intuition early this week if it seems like people are exaggerating or over-promising. Don’t hesitate to ask pointed questions to get to the heart of the matter. This Full Moon provokes profound healing revelations for you. Think back to your experiences around the March 20 equinox and consider whether stubbornness has kept you stagnant in areas of your life. A little flexibility goes a long way as you move toward your peace.

Sagittarius:  A square between Venus and Jupiter retrograde in your sign on Monday urges you to take stock of your public voice and image. Authenticity stays at the top of your priority list, and as you evolve, you’re realizing you can bring a much richer picture of your authentic self to the table. Update the way you market yourself or your work to best represent your evolved perspective and priorities. Offer love and gratitude to your past and present self through it all.

Capricorn: A square between Venus & Jupiter supports peaceful resolution early this week. Reach out to clear the air or apologize. Lead with your commitment to accountability rooted in love. By the weekend, reap the fruits of hard work put into your career. Celebrate your progress without letting your excitement distract you from maintaining this momentum. You may be surprised at where you stumble upon opportunity, so stay ready to shine.

Aquarius: Early in the week, You may feel pressured to mirror the spending habits of friends or family. Instead, stay rooted in your own experience. Your path and priorities are your own. When the Full Moon occurs in your travel sector, you’ll thank yourself for saving your dollars for an expansive experience. Take a trip, plan your next adventure, or look into taking classes that will empower you to extend your reach.

Pisces: Fantasies fall away to reveal a more holistic view of your true circumstances. Know that there is no need to downplay or exaggerate parts of yourself to protect a false image. You are worthy in your wholeness. Be clear about expectations, needs, and boundaries. Keep an open mind as you hear out others’ true perspectives. If you find yourself tempted to over-promise, stop to consider why that may be.

Note To All Skymates :  You are not obligated to move in ways you have in the past. Others may expect you to do so, but that isn’t your concern. This is your life path and yours alone. Those who truly support your health, peace, and joy will make themselves known. Move toward the light, where you feel most alive.

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