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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 4.1 – 4.6

Open yourself up to spontaneous adventures, Skymate! Mars moved into Gemini on Sunday, inspiring a craving for variety and freedom in your life until May 15. It will take some extra effort to buckle down and see projects through to the end with how many new & different ideas are constantly popping into your head. Keep a notebook close to keep track of it all, knowing that you can come back to it after you’ve finished your current focus to the best of your ability. Stay active in managing your priorities so that you can maintain a productive rhythm of multitasking.

When a New Moon in Aries occurs on Friday, your focus zeros in on specific significant new beginnings in your life. An emotional fresh start elevates your perspective as you navigate the world, opening your eyes to ways you’ve been unnecessarily timid in the past. You are grounded in an earned confidence and self-awareness as you take on brand new challenges. You don’t need a cosign to create the work you’ve been hoping to, or to set out on an adventure that speaks to your purpose. Show up for yourself by persistently aligning your actions with your values.

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Aries: Early this week, you can find a productive common ground through patience and honesty. Conversations with friends and family reveal truths at the heart of miscommunications over the past month. Address conflicts head on with love. It’ll be tempting to fall into familiar patterns, but push yourself to take these relationships into an evolved new state of mutual respect. Step into a new era of self-mastery with a commitment to your growth!

Taurus: You’re settling into evolved goals, needs, and boundaries in relationship to your community. Don’t let anyone intimidate you into neglecting your priorities. Be proactive about positioning yourself to connect in ways that resonate with your deeper purpose and beliefs. You may realize you have more in common with someone who’s been an acquaintance for a while, or you could make a completely new connection rooted in intention.

Gemini: An array of possibilities in your career has you feeling scatterbrained about locking in next moves. There’s no need to rush a decision. Confront any fears or feelings of scarcity that may skew your judgement before bounding forward. Prioritize rest and pay attention to how you’re speaking to yourself internally about your work. Consider resources available to you. Under the New Moon, assemble your dream team and get moving!

Cancer: Your curiosities to explore different perspectives lead you to discoveries that help you heal beyond lingering fears or traumas. Seek out stories of those who’ve been through similar experiences as those that still cause you distress. What you find may inspire you to take a trip or reach out to someone new. Emotional healing comes to good use as new opportunities in your career challenge you to draw strength from your elevated new understandings of yourself and the world.  

Leo: If you find yourself overly curious about something going on with someone you care about, don’t hesitate to just ask. Approach them with love rather than shaming. If your curiosity is coming from anywhere else than a place of love, stop and consider your deeper motivations. You may find that you need to face and address your own personal quirks or insecurities before pointing fingers. This New Moon, be honest about ways you may have limited yourself, and take more mindful command of your trajectory.

Virgo: You have a strong impulse to communicate profound discoveries as they set in, but take your time processing these realizations first. Consider your larger context and consider how to be most impactful in your message. Sure, you can attract a ton of attention by sensationalizing, but it isn’t sustainable. There’s a time and place for private vs public discussions. Approach one on one conversations with patience and an open heart.

Libra: After some significant contemplation over the direction of your career, you’re being proactive about making some necessary updates. Reach out to potential collaborators and be honest about your goals and boundaries. This isn’t the time to gloss over the difficult stuff. Put it all out on the table and keep your priorities clear. Don’t be too proud to make the first move or to ask for help when you need it.

Scorpio: A period of feeling stuck fades as your inspiration comes alive. You’re irresistible in your authenticity, so definitely don’t be shy about what makes you unique. It comes naturally to create and to shine, but make sure you’re protecting yourself in the process of exchanging information. Register your copyright or your LLC. Know that not everyone deserves a first row seat to witnessing your creative process.

Sagittarius: Team up & create magic this week, Sag! The planet of action is now in your sharing and partnerships sector, bringing you closer to like-minded thinkers. Under the New Moon, you experience a surge of inspiration. Pursue curiosities and let your inner child have some free reign. Along your explorations, you could stumble on a discovery that ends up being the key to an emerging shared passion project.

Capricorn: Take initiative to address areas of discomfort with the people you interact with every day. Some murky information may be buzzing around you, provoking insecurity within, but try to suspend your reactions until you know all the facts. Under the Aries New Moon, check in with your relationship to your home. Commit to making changes that will make your space more supportive of your goals, needs and lifestyle.

Aquarius: You’re appreciative of the beauty and potential in your immediate surroundings in ways that others overlook. Honor your curiosities as they arise. Pay attention to when you genuinely discover deeper value in interactions, moments or works of art. Is your first instinct is to ignore it in pursuit of business as usual? Choose to indulge your inner child rather than stifle their imagination.

Pisces: Early this week, dive into a passion project. Focus on building. You can be incredibly productive if you stay present in the direction of your thoughts. Let your inner child imagine all the ways that things can go right rather than spinning your pedals worrying about all the possible disasters you might meet. Confront obstacles with attention to the facts rather than your initial emotional reactions to them.

Note To All Skymates : Stay weary of situations that seem too good to be true. These temptations speak to a part of your consciousness that’s afraid you won’t be able to accomplish what you hope to without cutting corners. Honor the process and believe in your abilities. Work toward sustainability rather than sensationalism…

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