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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 3.4 – 3.10

Communication, technology, and mobility are unpredictable while messenger planet Mercury is retrograde in Pisces (Tuesday, March 5 – Thursday, March 28). Backup devices, double check travel plans, and stay mindful of potential miscommunication. This is no time to go by your gut alone when dealing with contracts and commitments. Thoroughly Research your movements and message. Game-changing information and blasts from the pasts pop up unexpectedly, challenging you to tap into developed self-awareness. It may feel like an instinct to fall into old habits you’ve outgrown, but resist that low vibration. Respond to a familiar trigger in a productive new way. There’s adventure and inspiration to experience in moments that interrupt your plans.


On Wednesday a New Moon occurs in Pisces and Uranus enters Taurus. This New Moon in dreamy Pisces invites you to accept and explore parts of your emotional and spiritual identity that have lain dormant. You’ll discover new strength in your unique perspective and circumstances. New understandings of your patterns make room for you to forgive your younger self and move toward healing. Opportunities will arise to exercise your creative voice in new ways, so document your creative ideas as they come.


Uranus, planet of surprise & rebellion, will remain in Taurus until July 7, 2025. Traditions and financial structures will transform as individuals react to wider community with greater agency and accountability than was achievable in the past. Contextualize the traditions you uphold and consider their impact on your local and global community. Update habits to account for progress and inclusivity. Corrupt systems will crumble to make room for sustainable solutions. 


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Aries : Mercury retrograde and a New Moon both in your healing and spirituality sector inspire a rush of transformative energy for you this week. Emotional growth spurts can sometimes feel awkward while healthy new habits set in, but don’t let that discourage you. Make room to work through transitional periods and process letting go however you need to. Write in a journal or confide in someone you trust.


Taurus : The New Moon brings a new level of realness to your friendships and professional relationships for the better. Uranus in Taurus will inspire growth spurts of self-discovery for you. Unexpected circumstances will push you to step into leadership positions or new professional roles. Trust yourself to learn on the go and react to an ever evolving environment.


Gemini : Mercury retrograde and a New Moon both occur in your Career sector this week. Approach this new professional era with a patient intentionality. You may feel tempted to rush parts of the process, but take your time planning out the execution of your unique vision. Be mindful not to get caught up in a cycle of talking that doesn’t lead to action. Resist the impulse to compare your journey to others.


Cancer : You’re opening your mind to possibilities to travel or take on new areas of study. Take your time exploring your options and working through the details of making it happen. Figure out your plan of action ahead of time so that when Mercury goes direct at the end of this month, you’re ready to confidently set out on your next adventure. Uranus in Taurus will bring purposeful new energy to your social life over these next 6 years.


Leo : Hidden truths rise to the surface in your sexual and business partnerships. Pay attention to your intuition & inner longings. Emotions that once felt ambiguous now make sense as you discover stronger language to express yourself. With Mercury retrograde in the same sign, take extra care articulating these discoveries and desires with your partner. Remain open and patient while hearing out the other side.


Virgo : Friction or a lack of balance come to your attention this week, leading you to identify your patterns in friendships and partnerships. Rather than getting carried away on an ego trip when triggered, try to step outside of yourself to contextualize both sides. Suspend any reactions you can’t take back until you know all the relevant factors. Let this be the beginning of mutually empowering new methods of communication.


Libra :  This New Moon is a fresh start in discipline for you. You’ll see your own patterns of productivity & physical health from a more holistic perspective, and it’s inspiring you to bring more intention to your daily habits. There’s no need to waste time feeling down about discarded goals of the past. Ground yourself in the present. Dream big and pick a starting point. Pisces energy inspires you to apply imaginative solutions on the go.


Scorpio : Your inner child demands to be embraced and vocal this week. You’re spilling over with creativity and should pour that energy into a passion project or a playful adventure. This is the beginning a 6 year era of rapid and often unpredictable progress in your partnerships. What do your ideal romantic & business partnerships look like? You don’t have to stay rigidly bound to societal traditions as you choose what’s right for you.


Sagittarius : This is the beginning of a 6 year era of self-mastery, during which time you’ll strengthen your spiritual connection to your motivations. Let go of imposed goals and traditions that obstruct you from acknowledging your entire truth. In work, health, and organization, strive to achieve and to celebrate in ways that support your unique purpose. Take initiative to start healthy new patterns and traditions with loved ones.


Capricorn : The New Moon encourages a breakthrough for you that alerts you to previously undiscovered common ground between yourself and your friends or community. Remain patient and deliberate when reacting to your world. Intentional language will help you to bridge gaps in experience. This week is the beginning of a 6 year era of self expression and creativity for you, so document your ideas as they come.


Aquarius : This New Moon marks a fresh start in your relationships to wealth and security. With Mercury turning retrograde in the same sign, surprising circumstances likely inspire this gravitation toward financial growth. Trust the journey as you think on your feet and entertain new possibilities. Uranus entering Taurus beings a 6 year era of redefining the roles of family and home in your life.


Pisces : Stay mindful of your public vs private voice this week, as you are sure to make a significant impression on those you encounter. Personal revelations inspire you to embrace confident new beginnings after a time of slowing down to focus on healing. Consider timing and context as you communicate your vision. Don’t let a little awkwardness discourage you from making strides toward further personal freedom.

Note To All Skymates : Step outside of yourself mentally for a moment to contextualize your unique experience on planet Earth during this generational shift of Uranus entering Taurus. Consider your daily habits, impact, and privilege within your local and world communities. Envision your financial goals for the next six years. Write them down somewhere you can return to. 

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