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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 3.25 – 3.31

Shine bright, Skymates! An optimistic Sagittarius Moon lights a fire under you to build active momentum in this first full week of the Astrological New Year. Revelations from last week’s Libra Full Moon continue to sink in as you get accustomed to a balanced new rhythm of reciprocity in relationships. Continue forward with spring cleaning in all areas of life to make room for experiences and connections that inspire a deeper resonance with your purpose. Try not to get so caught up in forward motion that you neglect essential details.

 When Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday, you become even more enthralled in the beauty and potential around you. You’ll find magic in places that others overlook. Trust your inherent curiosity. You are likely to be especially forgiving or patient with varying personalities. It’s a relief when Mercury retrograde ends on Thursday, going direct in Pisces. Take action to follow through on things you’ve been looking forward to during Mercury Rx. Solidify plans, send out a proposal, or apply for your dream job. Mars, planet of action enters versatile Gemini on Sunday. Multitask with intention. There are a million things grabbing your attention, but you’ll go far by narrowing things down and starting with your foundation.

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 Aries : Venus entering your healing sector for the next four weeks has you feeling especially accepting, forgiving, and nurturing. You see the best in others and in yourself, and are eager to spread more of what you consider to be good and beautiful in the world. While your optimism is on the rise, try to stay grounded in reality and in the present moment. Clinging too tightly to your expectations could lead you to missing out on something beautiful that’s right in front of you.

 Taurus : You’re especially flirtatious and magnetic with Venus in your society sector for the next 4 weeks. Let your authentic voice and style shine through unapologetically. You’ll be surprised at all you attract. Stay clear on your personal boundaries while your social life is thriving. You could connect with a community resonant to your purpose, find a new best friend, or start a thriving new business. Consider ways to utilize technology to make a statement, make money, or make a connection.

 Gemini : A lot of hard work and recalibration behind the scenes pays off as you’re completing projects and making a sparkling impression. Know your worth as you navigate professional spaces. Don’t let anyone intimidate you into selling yourself short. Mars entering your sign on Sunday attracts all sorts of opportunities to you. Don’t be afraid to say no when something isn’t truly calling to your spirit. You’re going to need all the time you can get for your most resonant passion projects!

 Cancer : New destinations and experiences are on the horizon for you. What kinds of adventures are calling to your heart? Whether it be a budding new business, a new career, a trip somewhere special to you, or a life-changing new study, get real about making these plans happen. You can find a sweet spot between work and play that brings joy and value to your life for years to come. Lay low this week to get your plan of action solid.

 Leo : Romantic and creative partnerships flourish over this next four weeks. Bonds deepen and transform in ways you hadn’t even imagined possible. Build upon the unique magical chemistry created by the combination of each complex individual involved. You’ll only limit yourself by thinking of your relationship in terms of externally imposed roles. A romantic partnership can develop into a financial one as well. A friendship may also become a lucrative professional team.

 Virgo : After some time of friction or misunderstanding, your business and romantic partnerships find momentum. Reach out to fill in the blacks and smooth out miscommunications, when necessary. You’re also attracting exciting new relationships and opportunities. You could finally figure out the missing link to an old business or creative idea. Later in the week, reach out to potential collaborators, a crush, or an old flame that’s been on your mind.

 Libra : Now is the time to make self-love a top priority. Check in with your mind, body, and spirit. Address any hurt or shame your feeling with an over-pouring of love. Prioritize rest. Listen to your intuition at times when you prefer to stay in and recharge. There’s no need to shame your body for what it needs. Try out new workouts that sound joyful. If you’ve been thinking about making changes in your life and daily habits, make tangible moves when Mercury goes direct.

 Scorpio : Life is a dream waiting to be explored for you over the next four weeks with Venus in your romance sector. Don’t shy away from the spotlight when it calls to you. Write down creative ideas as they come. You could express yourself in an entirely new way by writing your first song, starting a script, or coming up with a plan to create your personal masterpiece. Later in the week, clear up any miscommunications leftover from a very passionate Mercury Retrograde.

 Sagittarius : Get rid of clutter in your home and in your heart. How can you make your home space an oasis that fully supports your current lifestyle and inspires joy & peace? Get cozy in a safe space, alone or with your inner circle, and tackle emotional dilemmas, anxieties, and frustrations. Airing out anything that feels messy can feel like adding to the mess in the short term, but it’s really helping you make sense of each part of the whole. Prioritize rest and be gentle with your spirit through it all.

 Capricorn : Make the most of your bustling social life this week. Consistently put your best foot forward, as you never know who you might attract. A completely unlikely destination may be the place you meet an ideal professional collaborator, a new best friend, or a potential love connection. When Mercury goes direct, you step confidently into your voice. Make noise about the causes and things you care about. You’ll be surprised at your impact when you speak passionately about what matters most to you.

 Aquarius : Venus leaves your sign and enters Pisces on Tuesday, bringing your attention to money and scheduling. Venus in Aquarius inspired a bit of excess in your life, and you’re now getting a more solid grasp on your habits. Consider ways that you can use your money and resources with stronger intention. Is there anything you’re saving up for or a goal you’re working toward? Create a more concrete plan to save for what matters most in your life.

 Pisces : After a bit of a hibernation period, you’re engaging more with the world and asserting your voice with confidence. Since Mercury Retrograde began on March 5, you’ve turned inward to work through intense feelings. Give yourself time to define and face your emotions, limits, and needs on your own before bringing those intense feelings to someone else. Go into tough conversations with clear goals and an open heart.

 Note To All Skymates : If it feels like it’s taking some time to get unstuck and dive into new beginnings, you aren’t alone. Stay present in your process of healing instead of dreaming of what it’ll be like when you’re healed. After some focused attention and active follow through, you’ll look up and realize how ready you are to get started on blooming new beginnings.

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