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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 3.18 – 3.24

Happy Astrological New Year, skymates! The reserved sensitivity of Pisces season fades away as Aries season lights a flame of renewed vigor across the skies.Ready to begin anew? The reserved sensitivity of Pisces season fades away as Aries season lights a flame of renewed vigor across the skies. In astrology, the new year begins on the first day of Aries Season, which is the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, the shift from winter to spring will take place on Wednesday, March 20th. But before that occurs, a Virgo moon on Monday sets a serious, detail-oriented emotional backdrop for the end of Pisces season and the astrological year. Check the last few things off your to-do list from an ending era early this week so that you can offer your full attention to emerging new priorities in your life.

The Sun enters Aries on Wednesday, March 20, the same day as a Full Moon in Libra. This Full Moon brings truths to the surface that challenge you to consider the balance between personal and collective needs moving into a bold new era. Remain honest and clear through negotiation and compromise. With Mercury still retrograde this week, do your best to be thorough with communications and plans.

Venus, ruler of Libra, remains in progressive Aquarius for one last full week. Savor this time by reclaiming areas of your love life and your sense of self-expression that may be stifled. Aquarius energy opens your heart to new kinds of connections. You could stumble upon a collaborative new community, meet a new friend, or connect with an exciting new lover this week. You’re also inviting fresh experiences into existing relationships. The Moon enters Scorpio on friday, kicking off an intensely sensual weekend.

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Aries : Happy Aries season! A full month of focus on healing comes to a close for you as the Sun moves into your sign. Tie up loose ends holding you back emotionally so that you can be fully engaged in a full throttle fresh start on Wednesday. Explore your options. Indulge in experiences that spark your inspiration. This Full Moon, you could meet a soul-mate, take an existing connection to a new level of intimacy, or pour your energy into a shared brainchild.

Taurus : Communicate conclusive statements about an ending project or era, so that everyone involved can move forward with confidence. Keep things concise, especially in professional settings. The Full Moon brings attention to areas of your life that require some extra discipline. Check in with your mental and physical health in relation to your daily habits. This Aries season, be proactive and persistent about your healing.

Gemini : Finish up projects in progress and write down visions you have for the future of your career early this week. Make a final decision on your professional trajectory before Aries season breathes fire into your social life. Connect and collaborate with intention. Reach out to get a second and third opinion about your goals. Let your inner child explore and express freely this Full Moon. Step into the spotlight with pride in all that makes you unique.

Cancer : Put your best foot forward in your career. Your professional goals are transforming. Embrace this update in direction. This Full Moon, be willing to communicate a fuller truth to family and loved ones. Deeply rooted emotions will surface. You may realize it’s time to make changes in your home, relocate, move in together, or set new boundaries. Explore your curiosities and research your options before coming to final decisions.

Leo : You’ve been emotionally private this past month, exploring sensual pleasures and close connections. Indulge in a few days more of one on one intensity close to home before your social life comes alive with the beginning of the astrological year. This month you will meet new friends, collaborators, and maybe even a mentor. Take your time planning for travel and long-term commitments. Mercury remains retrograde until March 28.

Virgo :  Your partnerships and relationships reach a new level of mature closeness this week. Your comfort and limitations will be tested as you lean into vulnerability. Indulge in sensual pleasures when the Sun enters Aries, but resist the urge to overspend. Reach out to a soulmate to connect. You could decide to collaborate professionally, commit romantically, or join a partnership. Don’t be shy about marketing your abilities.

Libra : Finish out professional projects strong early this week. Focus on what is within your control. When the Moon is Full in your sign, you’ll feel a renewed enthusiasm for partnerships in your life. You are being more proactive about letting your honest identity shine bright in healthy and productive relationships. It may sometimes feel emotionally draining to create new patterns, so be gentle with yourself through the process. Prioritize rest and reach out to a confidant when you need to vent.

Scorpio : After a month of free-flowing creative expression, your focus now redirects to your physical and mental health. Pay attention to what your body tells you. Get your blood pumping in ways that feel fun and motivating this week. This Full Moon offers opportunities for profound healing for you. Lean into the truth as it comes to light. Explore all of what it means and what your options are moving forward. You can discover new facets of your individual purpose on the planet.

Sagittarius : Tackle important pressing conversations with loved ones, family, and roommates early this week as Pisces season comes to a close. When the Sun enters Aries, your mind and creative voice will zoom forward to stimulating new focuses. This next month will be vibrantly social for you. Remember through it all to prioritize rest and self love. You’re sure to attract the spotlight when aligned with your purpose. Pour your energy into a creative brainchild and document your process.

Capricorn :  After a social and collaborative Pisces season, you are now focused in on your home, family, and loved ones. Lay low with your innermost circle as you look toward your goals for the astrological new year. Reach out to your closest confidants to catch up and download the ending year’s lessons. You may decide to relocate or make changes to your home that better align with your present day needs. The Full Moon offers recognition for your professional hard work over the last 6 months.

Aquarius : Take care of pending decisions involving budgets, foundation, and security early this week. When the Sun enters Aries, your attention will be consumed by exciting new connections and bustling friendships. What specifically have you been craving from your connections? Be proactive about positioning yourself to meet like-minded souls. Later in the week, you may feel inspired to travel or take on a new area of study.

Pisces : Savor the last few days of your season early this week by indulging in self love. Write down new goals for the coming year from your present day sense of self-awareness. Purge clothes, behaviors, or belongings that no longer resonate with your mindset. When the Sun enters Aries, you’ll feel motivated to make long-term practical plans. Ideas that came to you during Pisces season now take form as you bring them to life in the real world.

Note To All Skymates : Take time to reflect on your growth. Write down your successes this past year, no matter how seemingly small. Read them back to yourself. Write down the lessons you learned. Keep them somewhere you can return to next astrological New Year. Celebrate a closing year by indulging in focused self-love.

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