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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 3.11 – 3.17


Embrace your sensitivity and intuition this last full week of Pisces Season. As the astrological year comes to a close, reflect on the last 12 months. Offer focused attention toward replenishing your energy. You’re discovering liberating new language to define patterns in your emotional life and move toward healing. Be gentle with your spirit through it all. Offer forgiveness to your younger self for what you didn’t know back then. Make a promise to be the person younger self once needed here forward. Take your time processing intense feelings before reacting in ways you can’t take back. Mercury remains retrograde in Pisces until March 28.


Last week’s Pisces New Moon revealed your subconscious emotional patterns to you, which was both humbling and validating. A major shift of Uranus into Taurus last Wednesday also sinks in more tangibly in your life, as you’re awakened to a more holistic view of your individual context in your community and in culture. Find humor in the awkward moments and confidently move forward knowing you have a stronger sense of self-awareness. You may feel inspired to translate your experiences into creative works.


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Aries : Stay present in your healing process as waves of understanding wash over you. You’re in the midst of an emotionally transitional period, and should be gentle with yourself through the process. Self love means holding yourself accountable for your joy. Resist urges to neglect or suppress how you feel and why you feel that way. Absorb essential lessons now from past experiences so that you don’t relive them in the new astrological year.


Taurus : You’re reteaching people how to treat you who’ve known you long term. Some impressively rise to the occasion, and others not so much. Either way, you are relieved to be more honest and assertive in all areas of life. You’ll move away from relationships that feel draining, while attracting resonant new connections. It comes naturally to pour your energy into affirming teams or friendships this week.


Gemini : Profound reflection on your career this past year has you seriously considering professional next moves. Take your time researching and exploring your options. Stay mindful of the origins of your motivations, making sure that you are truly acting on your unique priorities. There’s no need to let autopilot guide you. When Mercury goes direct on the 28, you’ll have all the information you need to take confident professional risks.


Cancer : There’s so much you want to experience all at once, now that you see ways you unknowingly limited yourself in the past. Know that there’s no need to rush. Stay diligent about the details. Reach out to people who have already done what you’re curious to do for a first hand account. You will likely rule out an option or two that appears too good to be true before finding the right path for you.


Leo : You’re demystifying parts of your sexual and romantic bonds that feel unbalanced so that you can more actively cultivate the harmony you’re hoping for. Pay attention to what interactions inspire a strong emotional reaction within, and consider potential deeper reasons for why you feel that way. With patience, you may realize that you projected on someone in the past instead of hearing them out. Listen and communicate with care.


Virgo : You’re grappling with how much or how little to share with professional partners and close friends. Know that sugarcoating a more complicated situation will come back to bite you. Be thoughtful and thorough as you consider the most effective way to communicate what you need to say. Try to keep things focused on the facts rather than projections. Write it down first or talk things through with someone you trust.


Libra : You may feel pressure to bound forward at work amidst uncertainty, but trust your instinct. If you know that a project requires more time or attention, don’t let someone indirectly involved rush your process. Seek out professional connections rooted in a commitment to the quality of your work rather than an ego-based hunger for the spotlight. The finished product will speak for itself.


Scorpio : This week you’re feeling playful, expressive, and hungry to indulge. Your inner child spots all sorts of fun new goodies along your path. Be mindful not to overspend in an impulsive moment. Consider whether your urge to splurge is coming from a deeper emotional need within. Set aside focused time this week for active self love. Pour into yourself with your attention and care.


Sagittarius : You’re going through a major inner breakthrough when it comes to your relationship to your roots, home, and family. You will attract expansion in your career over this next 7 years that will demand a rock solid sense of foundation. Process evolved feelings of purpose and direction with your chosen family this week. Prioritize rest and offer focused attention to making your home more comfortable and replenishing.


Capricorn :  You’re understanding your past social patterns and bringing more intention to your connections. Creating a healthier balance in your relationships to community & friends will mean actively changing up habitual patterns that still feel instinctual. Trust your intuition as it attracts or repels you in new directions. This week, you can attract a life-long friendship or an opportunity to team up on a passion project.


Aquarius : Last week’s New Moon dared you to explore your financial goals. You’re strongly considering what things you believe to be most valuable in this life, and are rethinking your relationship to wealth accordingly. This is an important time for you to research and work through your plan of action. When Mercury goes direct on the 28th, you’ll be ready to finalize expansive new investments.


Pisces : You’re overcome with memories and new understandings of intense recurring feelings. Make room in your life to fully see those feelings for what they mean and what they can teach you. Reach out to someone you trust to talk through what your discoveries about the past. Make a deliberate choice about how you’ll handle that particular pain or emotion here forward. Take responsibility for your direction.


Note To All Skymates :  As you process the ending astrological year, offer yourself honesty, support, and love. Check in on your relationship to yourself. How are you speaking to yourself internally? Are you holding yourself accountable for your happiness and your decisions? Make it a goal to actively be your own best friend.


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