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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 2.4 – 2.10

An Aquarius New Moon on Monday sparks new beginnings in inclusivity, innovation and group projects. Communicative teamwork can help you to tackle lingering obstacles. Swap stories of experience and share constructive language that has helped you on your journey. Apply new methods of thinking to past worries and try solutions you never have before. Reach out to new and familiar communities to collaborate and ask questions. This New Moon offers confidence in the face of uncertainty and a boost of idealism that guides you to make wide-reaching progress. It comes natural to seek out information and learn productive techniques for dealing with your interactive world.

When Mercury enters Pisces on the 10th, thinking and communications are intuitive, sensitive, and imaginative. You express yourself and interpret the world through abstract concepts more-so than through existing examples or tropes. This can help you to feel even more connected to your truth, as you are disconnected from rigid and restrictive ideas of complex realities. Journal or record voice notes as ideas and visions develop. Be mindful of who you’re dealing with when communicating. Do not assume that people instinctively understand your intentions.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign this week (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries : Monday’s Aquarius New Moon challenges you to utilize technology to collaborate and maximize your impact. Have your devices and social media truly been helping you to accomplish your goals, or have you been going through the motions? Bring more intention to how you use technology this week. Cut out behaviors that pull you off course from your progress. Learn new skills, seek out helpful apps, and connect with your dream team online.

Taurus : The Aquarius energy of Monday’s New Moon offers a comfortable detachment from ego as you break ground toward new career goals. Let your imagination run free as you plan out this next big professional milestone. Where do you see your career and your income 6 months from now? Don’t be afraid to reach out to new people or to navigate a new community in pursuit of the necessary knowledge you will need to make it happen.

Gemini : You are identifying monotony in areas of your life you have outgrown, and are seeking enriching fresh experiences. Travel, higher learning, and idealism guide your focus as you explore your options moving forward. Plan ahead for an adventure that will take place during the corresponding Full Moon in 6 months. In the meantime, shake up your surroundings this week by pursuing a new experience that sparks your curiosity.

Cancer : Whether coupled or exploring your options, Monday’s New Moon ignites your sensuality and passion. Bring present-minded intention to your sexual life and to your emotionally intimate bonds. This is the beginning of a new era of closeness that strengthens over the next 6 months, elevating during the corresponding Full Moon on August 15. A budding business relationship may also spark your imagination to join forces, travel, or learn new skills.

Leo : Come together and bring your full attention to the table. Monday’s New Moon in your partnership sector awakens you to the benefits of joining forces on emerging projects. If hoping to connect with someone new, start by figuring out how to be truly helpful to them. Know that in a true partnership, trust is the strongest foundation to build upon. Be clear about boundaries, goals, and limits as you link up.

Virgo : Monday’s New Moon in your health and service sector promotes renewed commitment to discipline. You may finally admit a developing personal goal to yourself for the first time. Commit to making a 6 month plan and take tangible action this week to get started. An accountability buddy or community can do wonders to help you to stay consistent with lifestyle shifts. Know that you are not alone in your efforts. If feeling lost, seek out the stories of others who have accomplished what you hope to.

Libra : The New Moon on Monday awakens your inner romantic, inspiring you to express yourself and indulge in life’s sensualities. A creative project or an electric connection consumes your focus. Align yourself with activities and people who genuinely spark your passion. Don’t be shy about promoting your work and your abilities. Your natural enthusiasm will attract collaborators and fans in unexpected places.

Scorpio : Give some focused TLC to your sacred home space this week. Monday’s New Moon inspires new beginnings in feeling productively connected to your foundation. Return to what grounds you and build upon it. Be particular about what you invite into your space. This may mean communicating new boundaries with loved ones or people you live with. Clearing out material things that cause clutter can help you to make more room for everything the present moment has to offer.

Sagittarius : Your social life picks up this week, as you are reminded of how productive, uplifting and inspiring your interactions can be among like-minded spirits. Existing systems or traditions may have intimidated you in the past, but you are now seeing more and more how to effectively bring your progressive vision to the table. Seek out your dream team and get moving toward an expansive new brainchild that will develop over the next 6 months.

Capricorn : You are putting your money where your mouth is this week. Monday’s New Moon sparks an impulse to shake up the status quo and take more risks in the name of long-term growth. Envision the kind of career and income you desire, and get started toward a 6 month goal. Reach out to people who have already made it happen for themselves to ask questions. Consider personal strengths to build upon to maximize your impact.

Aquarius : To you, it feels like this week is the true beginning of the year. Monday’s New Moon in your sign encourages your confidence and personal will. Fresh starts in your life are set in motion and it feels powerful to be in command of your trajectory. Document and speak on your experiences along your journey. Your words can inspire others to see the potential within. Upon sharing, you may also realize you have many more allies than you thought.

Pisces : Which habits, relationships, and obligations are draining your spirit rather than building you up? Monday’s New Moon helps you to identify areas of your life that require some active healing. Interrupt an existing pattern with intentional choices. You decide at every turn what kind of energy you invite and invest in. You can cultivate a sense of personal wealth by investing in what genuinely means the most to you, rather than what is forced or assumed.

Note To All Skymates :  The New Moon in Aquarius clears away imagined obstacles to your movement. What would you do or say if you weren’t intimidated by others? Where would you go and what would you try? Give yourself permission to explore and interact with new people and environments. Life is too short to let other people’s opinions keep you from chasing what genuinely inspires joy for you.

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