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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 2.25 – 3.3

A last quarter moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday encourages you to prioritize and simplify in preparation for fresh starts to come during next week’s New Moon in Pisces. Realizations illuminated by the Virgo Full Moon on February 19 sink in. You are at a point where you can either go along with a familiar yet unfulfilling pattern, or you can show up for your truth. Honor your experiences and your instincts. Do not be afraid to interrupt a flow that others find comfortable if it’s in conflict with your needs. Consider the goals you set during the last New Moon on February 4. Focus on following through on them with your recently evolved understandings clear in mind.

Venus finishes out its stay in Capricorn this week before entering Aquarius on Friday, March 1. Utilize Capricorn’s ambitious energy by pouring love into your professional pursuits and relationships. Tap into the central passion within that inspires you to do your best work. Cut out petty distractions so you can focus on building and cultivating the fulfilling and sustainable career of your dreams. You can set a strong foundation early this week for professional and creative endeavors to come. When Venus enters Aquarius, you will find new potential for collaboration.

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Aries : Options to travel or expand your perspective shake up your trajectory on Tuesday. Consider whether you’ve limited yourself based on externally imposed assumptions. Be proactive in setting yourself up for your unique idea of success. Choose a starting point that is personally resonant, and show up consistently with enthusiasm. A romantic weekend sweeps you off your feet, as you will naturally attract new friends and collaborators.

Taurus : Early this week, you reach a turning point in the status of your relationship with a lover or business partner. Be honest about your personal terms for merging. When Venus enters Aquarius on Friday, you’ll feel connected to the central passion behind your ambitions. Proactively plan next steps toward long-term financial and professional goals. What are you doing right now to help you built toward the kind of wealth or success you’ve been longing for?

Gemini : Tuesday’s Last Quarter Moon challenges you to keep the flow of energies balanced in your romantic and business partnerships. Take initiative to bring up unanswered questions that threaten your confidence in your partnership. It will take persistent action to set stronger patterns in motion. Go into potentially tough conversations with a defined goal in mind. Writing down your thoughts can help you to keep your message centered and clear.

Cancer : Tend to your relationship between your consciousness and your body this week. Realizations about your limits and needs put a fire under you to bring more attention to health, fitness and organization. There is no need to shame yourself for decisions thus far. Pick a starting point and run with it. Make room in your life to find what feels supportive and healthy for you. This weekend sparks the beginning of a passionate next 3 weeks for your romantic life.

Leo : A burst of inspiration on Tuesday leads you to dive into a creative project or proclaim your passions. Before pointing fingers at others for things not being quite how you imagined, take a look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable for your joy. You’ll come face to face with your own patterns and can choose a healthier reaction than you were used to in the past. Keep a notebook close to document creative ideas as they come this week.

Virgo : If you’re feeling out of place in your own home, be proactive about improving factors within your control. Reach out to your most trusted confidant to update one another on life. Clean and organize your physical space to support your goals and routines in the present day. Be mindful not to overcorrect and get rid of things prematurely. What genuinely makes you feel comforted and replenished?

Libra : On Tuesday, you’re itching to speak your mind and set the record straight. Attempts to play peacemaker come to an end as you realize that it’s vital to get your message across. You can clear up miscommunications and restore a sense of community with those you care about most if you’re willing to be vulnerable. Don’t leave any room for confusion, as your instinct may be to soften your message. Try not to project your expectations on others as you seek common ground.

Scorpio : Practical concerns catch up with you on Tuesday when a Last Quarter Moon takes place in your values sector. Approach tasks ahead of you with active self-awareness. Consider your specific goals and limits as you plan ahead. It may be tempting to lock into what appears to be a one size fits all recipe for success, but it is essential that you prioritize your perspective as an individual. When Venus enters Aquarius this weekend make room for rest and emotional peace.

Sagittarius : Not everyone deserves to know every detail of your life, and yet sharing with the right people can be one of the most helpful and validating experiences. You can restore balance to your relationships to your community, friends and family by being honest about how you have evolved and what your needs are now. Do not be shy about asking for help when necessary. As you branch out later in the week, experiment with setting self-affirming new boundaries.

Capricorn : Something’s been haunting your thoughts and depleting your focus, and you are finally reaching the turning point. You’re ready to call it what it is, take the lesson worth learning, and move forward beyond it. This week, you’ll catch a glimpse of the joys you’re missing out on by staying locked in a pattern that does not line up with your present day wisdom. What is irritating you and why? Consider what factors you have control over and take action.

Aquarius : Early in the week you discover further potential for your collaborations and friendships to be more energetically balanced and productive. You may feel inspired to show appreciation where it’s due or enforce new boundaries. Long-sought clarity about past insecurities comes as a welcome surprise, empowering you to move forward with evolved confidence. Do not be shy about marketing your work and your abilities. This weekend, your conviction is irresistible to lovers and collaborators.

Pisces : You are inspired to take assertive action toward your most ambitious goals on Tuesday. Aim high and don’t cut corners, no matter how tempting the alternative. When Venus enters your endings and spirituality sector on Friday, take initiative to prioritize healing. Emotions will get raw and deep, so make room for yourself to honestly articulate and work through what matters to you. If that means riding solo, pile up on some extra self-love.


Note To All Skymates :  What did you discover during the last Full Moon? Have you let these discoveries touch your life in tangible ways? It’s easy to get stuck in a circle of describing an undesirable situation and yet remaining passive to its effects. Be mindful that you update your actions to reflect your evolved perspective.

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