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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 2.11 – 2.17

This last full week of Aquarius season inspires further gravitation toward progress and productive connection. Since Aquarius season began on January 20, areas of your life that are due for an update have come to your attention. Follow through on your personal transformation this week. Put new knowledge into action in the world and trust the process. Stay present as you interact with new and different people along your path. A first quarter Moon on Tuesday forms a trine with Pluto that intensifies intuition. Unusual encounters inspire you to take action in the spirit of expansion. Embrace opportunities to learn or develop new skills, knowing that you can handle the challenge.

When Mars enters Taurus on the 14th, loyalty and selectivity inform action. It comes naturally to pour your time and effort into your vision for the future. Narrow down your options and lock in long-term plans. Connect your forward motion to your foundational purpose. Be clear with yourself about whether or not the vision you are working toward is truly your own. If it isn’t, take this week to be honest with yourself about what truly calls to you. Commit to changes of habit. Build toward sustainability by showing up consistently with a willingness to learn from your experiences. Remain present, as there are joys to be experienced along the way that are impossible to anticipate. You can begin something powerful and lasting at any time. Start this week and document the process.

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What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign this week (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries : Mars enters dedicated Taurus this week after having been in your sign since December 31. An abundance of developing possibilities inspire your hesitation in finalizing commitments. Know that there is no need to force or rush what is meant for you. Manipulative forces may attempt to convince you of otherwise. Take your time researching the options before you so that you can make the most purposeful decisions and investments in your long-term goals. Your integrity will show in the results.

Taurus : When Mars and Uranus align in your healing sector on Wednesday, interactions challenge you to put recent self reflection into action. You will come face to face with a personal habit that you know has been holding you back. Use this opportunity to choose a new reaction that positions you in confidence and integrity. Trust yourself to be brave and adaptable in new circumstances. Mars entering your sign on Thursday will reinvigorate your motivation and personal will.

Gemini : Brainstorm with your a team this Wednesday when Mars makes an enlightening alignment to Uranus in your society and technology sector. Combine your ideas so that you can solve collective problems and delegate based on each others’ strengths. Invite diverse perspectives to the table. Be mindful not to overshare or overcommit out of feeling inspired. Honor the process in both relationships and your work. The results of intention and patience will deliver. 

Cancer : When Mars and Uranus align in your career sector on Wednesday, you can find unusual solutions and tools for success. Stay present with every decision as it relates to your profession. You never know who is watching. Take initiative toward well-thought out risks in the spirit of growth. You know what you are capable of, so trust yourself to go follow through in a way that does justice to your vision. Take your time setting a foundation. Mars entering Taurus will attract you to your team.

Leo : A rare alignment between Mars and Uranus in your expansion sector on Wednesday awakens you to limitations you may have placed on yourself. An impulse to travel or expand your mind takes over. It feels possible because it is. Be completely honest with yourself about your motivations and priorities. Developing curiosities now take form as real life opportunities to move into closer alignment with your purpose and visions of your future. Show up prepared to learn on the go.

Virgo : Mars and Uranus make a fiery alignment in your sector of sex, sharing, and bonding. Chance circumstances position you to explore new dimensions of vulnerability and closeness with someone. Offering focused attention to the intricacies of your communication with a partner will open up new worlds of understanding. Be totally honest about how you feel and what you need. You may find the strength to make a powerful personal confession. The truth will make you stronger as a team.

Libra : On Wednesday, Mars and Uranus form a rare alignment in Aries that inspires bursts of super real honesty. Write down what you’re feeling and thinking instead of blurting it all out in the moment. There is no need to sabotage your long-term goals because of an impulsive and potentially uninformed comment. Take your time to get all the facts straight and to articulate your desires most effectively. When Mars enters Taurus on Thursday, passion guides you to bring more purpose to your actions.

Scorpio : Unusual solutions and tools come to your attention on Wednesday when Mars and Uranus form a productive alignment in your health and work sector. The specific results you seek may demand more than the typical time or effort expected. Trust your gut if you think some extra work will make an important difference. You can make a transformational lifestyle shift that maximizes your energy, so pay careful attention to your body’s needs and limits this week.

Sagittarius : Mars aligns with Uranus in your romance and self expression sector on Wednesday, just before moving into dedicated Taurus. Profound self-expression calls to you, and it’s your job to answer with an open heart. Explore your vulnerability and the curiosities that guide your voice. Experiment within the world of your passions. Express your love and gratitude where it’s due. Trust yourself to learn on the go as you break new ground in your relationships and in your creativity.

Capricorn : Surprises and changes of circumstance pull you out of a past rhythm and inspire you to make changes to your home or living arrangements. You may even decide to relocate. Be honest with yourself about short and long-term goals so that you can create the kind of home that best supports what your day-to-day will require of you from now on. When Mars enters your romance sector on Thursday, indulge in passion and creativity. Plan a date night and set aside some time to play or create.

Aquarius : New ideas, projects, and connections have entered your orbit since Aquarius season began. This week, prioritize and finish strong. Know that picking a starting point does not mean you are deciding to never tackle your other goals at some point too. You’ll get there when the time is right, likely with more tools than you have now. Focus on completing one thing at a time. Make room to take care of your mind body and spirit along the way.

Pisces : A big change in your relationship to money and personal values sparks your interest in starting some productive new habits this week. You are investing and saving with more intention, and are generally being more selective. Opportunities arise to be more proactive about your professional trajectory and impact. It’s up to you to show up with your focus, abilities, and willingness to adapt. Remember that adapting never means compromising your values.

Note To All SkyMatesCheck in with your dreams. Consider what experiences or people in your life have informed them, and whether they still resonate with how you feel today. Pay attention to moments when you feel disconnected from the work you’re doing. Honor your instincts and hold yourself accountable for creating the circumstances that support your happiness.

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