Celebrate your wins, Skymates! The week begins with harmony between the Virgo Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn offering support toward taking thoughtful risks and planning ahead for abundance. Revelatory effects of Sunday’s Leo Full Moon remain strong through the week, revealing epiphany and possibility to you. Your efforts over the past 6 months now culminate as solid results. The fruits of your labor provide crucial information for you to mindfully apply to your next steps. Trust instincts to step into the spotlight or offer your talents to a worthy team. 

During Mercury’s shadow period leading up to Mercury retrograde in Pisces this weekend, offer focused attention to intentional preparation and direct communication. Say & do what you know is important to set yourself and your relationships up for success and sustainability. On Sunday, Mercury stations retrograde and Mars enters Capricorn. It comes naturally to show up with commitment and persistence for your most resonant goals. You discover worthy forms of discipline that can enhance your experience and bring you closer to your purpose. Believe in your ability to adapt.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Savor surges of passion as they wash over you this week. Indulge in play, adventure, or creativity when inspiration spontaneously strikes. You can capture the essence of profound feelings through your creative voice and instincts, so resist the reflex to edit yourself too soon. Something resonant that you stumble upon may be exactly what a wide range of people need to hear or experience, including yourself. 

Taurus: You are expanding upon your comfort & confidence in your sacred home space and in relationships with family. Take initiative to create and protect the kind of environment that makes you feel safe, nourished, and valued. Tend to the balance between your external output in the world, and the energy you offer to private life and down time. Honor your feelings of urgency around making healthy changes. 

Gemini: Epiphanies involving your context in friendships, community, and teams now points you in a purposeful new direction. You are bringing thoughtful intention to your interactions in ways that attract you to expanded opportunity and resonant community. Follow through on lingering responsibilities or obligations, knowing that this will reinforce your integrity. Take your time processing strong emotions as they develop.

Cancer: Revelations around your specific values and priorities as an individual now point you toward promising opportunities to grow upon what matters most to you. Plan ahead with attention to detail toward your goals for travel, learning, and expansion. Do what you can to support yourself through preparation so that you can be present in your experiences when immersed in adventure. 

Leo: Remain present and open to change as epiphanies involving your unique purpose wash over you. Offer voice to what you’re feeling, whether through journaling, reaching out to a confidant, or indulging in creativity. Show love and appreciation where it’s due. This emerging certainty of self positions you to communicate productively with loved ones or romantic partners in pursuit of new levels of mutual pleasure. 

Virgo:   Your attitude toward life and your purpose completely shift, daring you to take mindful action in pursuit of healing and growth. Embrace a process of release as it calls to you. Honor your instincts as they direct you to pour into yourself to restore balance. Invest in what you need to feel nourished. Knowing what is no longer right for you now empowers you to confidently define resonant next moves. 

Libra: Epiphanies around your social habits open your eyes to the great potential of your connections, and your power as an individual. Defining strong feelings now positions you to stand tall in your authenticity, no matter who you’re interacting with. Explore new worlds or situations that call to your curiosity. Know that there are people in the world who will value your specific strengths and reciprocate your energy. 

Scorpio: Epiphanies involving your career path awaken an urgency within to show up for your ambitions. You are tuned into how to artfully utilize your unique quirks and maximize the impact of your strengths. Your short and long term goals come into clear focus, challenging you to bring your A-game to forms of achievement that resonant deepest for you. Trust your instincts to experiment with worthy discipline when inspired to.

Sagittarius: Your hard work over the past 6 months reaches a turning point of release, transformation, or travel. Release projects and put recent lessons to active use. Let your work speak for itself and you are sure to be astounded at the possibilities it attracts into your orbit. Next steps come into clear focus, lighting a fire under you to make moves to learn, travel, or expand your perspective in pursuit of your purpose. 

Capricorn: You are awakened to transformative truths in your intimate relationships and business partnerships. A turning point takes you in a new direction of your connection. Resist impulses early in the week to act recklessly in a moment of inflated confidence. Allow that certainty of self to guide you toward sustainable solutions rather than flashy ones. Take your time building something that will last. 

Aquarius: You are awakened to your specific desires & limits in your relationships and are confident in communicating them. It’s nourishing for you to listen carefully to the perspective of a partner or trusted confidant as well. True feelings reveal themselves, daring you to take thoughtful action. You can strike a mutually joyful and productive balance in your partnerships by remaining present and vocal in each decision together.

Pisces: Your progress toward health & work goals now offers you valuable data that points you in impactful new directions here forward. Clarity grounds you in your purpose and reinforces your commitment to growth. Explore different forms of meaningful discipline or organization that cater to your unique needs. You can make seemingly small shifts now that help you to bring new levels of sustainable joy to your daily habits. 

Note to All Skymates: With commitment, you can make great strides this week in strengthening your natural confidence. Start by making a small promise to yourself about something you care deeply about and following through on it. Offer yourself grace as you figure out how to make it happen. Once you do, celebrate that win with a full heart. Then, begin again. Each time, raise the stakes a bit.