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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 12.9 – 12.15

Indulge your curiosity, Skymates! Mercury enters Sagittarius on Monday, inspiring you to seek out and speak the truth. Follow the impulse to widen your perspective. Try out new ways of exercising your creative voice. A bit of emotional detachment underlies interactions, empowering you to stand tall in newly defined boundaries as you explore. Trust your instincts in moments when you feel confident to consciously to get more vulnerable. Mercury remains in Sagittarius until the 28th.

A motivating Full Moon occurs in Gemini on Thursday. The same day, after a 5 month retrograde, Chiron stations direct. This shift supports radical steps forward in healing beyond lingering pain and destructive influences. During Chiron retrograde, recurring wounds returned, challenging you to name & confront painful patterns. As the Full Moon illuminates your growth and your truth, be proactive about communicating important needs to those who matter. Know that you can transform your perspective to one of power. Lessons learned along your healing journey now inform budding creative projects and fresh opportunities in your career. 

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Aries: After stretches of dedication behind closed doors, you now receive motivating recognition for your hard work. You also discover new pathways to fun & fulfillment in your career, but they will require you to venture outside of your comfort zone. Trust in your ability to adapt as you plot the course ahead. Embrace the impulse to research options within reach to learn or travel that support your goals. Hold yourself accountable for your dreams. 

Taurus: Jupiter, planet of abundance, is now aligned in your sign with Venus & Uranus, planet of rebellion and innovation. It’s thrilling to be so sure of what you want out of life. You’re inspired to make lifestyle shifts that bring you into further alignment with your evolved sense of purpose. Stay mindful of your rest and physical health amidst big changes. Embrace instincts to speak your truth in love, sex, and business partnerships. 

Gemini: You now reclaim your agency after a period of passivity. Newly developed self-appreciation now positions you approach relationships with reinforced confidence. Trust instincts to reveal more of your vulnerability when the time comes. As you come to partnerships with your full authentic voice, you discover that commitments can be freeing rather than binding. Tend to debts and financial goals with a willingness to switch up your routine in the spirit of growth.

Cancer: You are finding new confidence in communicating your priorities and boundaries. This especially empowers your productivity and mutual joy in partnerships. Be honest about when you feel prepared to effectively take on a supporting roll, vs when you need someone to help you shine bright. Resist fear-based instincts to hide your authentic voice. With patience, you can strike a fulfilling balance of give & take. 

Leo: You are open to lifestyle shifts that support your independence and evolved priorities. Consider your aspirations for the coming year and make updates to your daily routine that bring you into further alignment with these goals. Trust in your ability to adapt. Keep focus on the present, rather than on outcomes. With attention to detail, you can infuse new assertions of discipline with joy and personal style. 

Virgo: Lean into instincts to express yourself in completely new ways. It comes naturally to let old insecurities roll right off your back as you find comfort and confidence in your voice. Through trial & error, you discover new outlets that empower you to more effectively communicate and attract your desires. Offer your inner child room to explore. A bit of adventure can guide you to fruitful opportunities aligned with your most ambitious goals. 

Libra: You’re at the beginning of a year-long deep dive of establishing & strengthening your roots. Approach challenges with family or loved ones with a willingness to evolve and to work with the full truth. Be proactive about doing whatever is in your power to make your home truly feel like a nourishing sanctuary. Address areas of your life where you know you can claim a more active sense of responsibility. You may be surprised at just how freeing a little bit of discipline can be. 

Scorpio: From now throughout this coming year, you discover motivating new heights of collective resonance with your community. Relationships evolve and transform, opening your eyes to the possibilities of your life. Friendships and fruitful partnerships bloom in unexpected places. First tend to your relationship to self before overexerting or overpromising. Follow your instincts to explore new social circles and areas of study. 

Sagittarius: This week, you catch momentum in an assertively independent new direction. Confidence in your priorities guides you to tackle practical concerns in a way that better supports your expansion. Consider untapped talents and resources within your grasp. Follow your instincts to switch up your usual routine to maximize your joy and impact. Planning ahead will position you to be fully present in crucial moments that demand your A-game. 

Capricorn: Honor instincts to recenter and replenish. Invest in your foundation, knowing that it will support you as you explore and take purposeful risks. As you consider your unique talents and resources, you discover potential for more purposeful independence ahead that you hadn’t even imagined before. Stay present in the process of self-discovery. Do what you can to set yourself up for success by planning ahead. 

Aquarius: Your relationship to lingering insecurities and fears begins to transform as you discover possibilities for resolution within reach. Know that there is no rush to make drastic changes over night. Offer yourself space and love to address your needs. Remain present in the healing process. Stand strong in your boundaries through it all. Trust your instincts to communicate your desires more directly.

Pisces: Lean into instincts to network and navigate new social circles. As you explore, you discover opportunities to collaborate and build professionally. Strengthen your confidence and avoid unnecessary stagnation by addressing your more central needs before bringing concerns to others. The Full Moon illuminates possibilities for you to self-nourish and offer some intentional focus to your inner circle. 

Note to All Skymates: Offer yourself grace as you take bold steps in the direction of your healing. Make a tangible assertion of commitment to your emotional evolution. Do one thing within your power that re-centers you in your agency in relation to newly released feelings of scarcity. Do something else that honors your inner child’s curiosities and needs. When in doubt, seek out stories from those who’ve walked a similar path.

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